Pinoquio ,a dandy in Lisbon!!!

This is a very memorable restaurant in Lisbon. I have come here each time in the city which has been several times. There is an anecdote read on. However, I like to update this older post to tell you about the Cervejaria Pinoquio brewery which I came from a local recommendation in 2014, and goes on.

This is Cervejaria Pinoquio a brewery and restaurant at  Rua de Santa Justa 54, just facing the wonderful Rossio and Praça dos Restauradores. With tables outside facing the bustling Praça dos Restauradores, this restaurant attracts tourists but also many locals who have always enjoyed its seafood, especially its clams.  The steaks are also popular, all served in a very relaxed, unpretentious ambience.


The historic Cervejaria Pinoquio (brewery), in Praça dos Restauradores, has new owners and will close for works, going to be inserted into a hotel! . The new owners of Pinoquio, who in addition to the brewery of Filipe Costa (old resto owner) bought the remaining floors of the building, plan to keep the brewery on the ground floor of the building and increase the terrace area. The restaurant is back fully so the history continues.

I have many great stories of eating and drinking at by now my friends restaurant Pinoquio at Praça dos Restauradores. The typical Portuguese seafood and vinho verde wine place, love it. Many stories here; like the time gathered all my friends to come here thinking only 7 will come, the rest show up by taxi and we were 22 without reservation. I told the staff ,quick needed to find space, they knew me from many times here, and they move, so fast they created three spaces with extra tables/chairs to accommodate my friends, they were all impress of my contacts lol! This time ,I ordered my usual beers and then my favorite dish Feijoada de marisco. This is magnificent casserole of shrimp, lobsters,clams, and white beans stew, just fab and of course enough for one person ,really it could be ordered for two. Another time they serve the seafood platter and ate it all, they ask if enough I said no, and they came with another platter or 2×1 deal lol!! Memories forever, can’t wait to be back eventually.


The official Pinoquio :

The Zomato Portuguese reviews on the Pinoquio

There you go folks, hoping you will be able to enjoy this wonderful resto in Lisbon, eventually . I will keep my wonderful memories of the people there and the great company and food all these years at Cervejaria Pinoquio .And of course, always looking forward to be back; and I will eventually.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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