Curiosities of my wine escapades in France!!!

And as wine is a nice favorite subject of mine and always looking for new material to include in my blog as it is part of my life’s history; there are new things to show you. The Haut-Médoc-Bordeaux and the Côte Chalonnaise-Burgundy are two distinct regions and we have memorable moments in both. Therefore, let me tell you about my curiosities of my wine escapades in France!!!

Of course, we love to go to the big famous wine castles of the Médoc, the real Bordeaux wines. However, there are some gems in there that are worth the stop and delicious wines as well. One memorable property was in Cussac-Fort-Médoc in the Château Lanessan.

The Château Lanessan belong to one and the same family since 1793!! For eight generations, the Bouteiller family has exploited this 80 ha vineyard in one piece, rather rare in the region, surrounded by a 145 ha of forest lands. The wine is 70% sold abroad and available in France among wine merchants and in large retailers: Some of the other properties are Château Sainte-Gemme and Château Lachesnaye, neighboring properties acquired in the 20C by the Bouteiller family. Les Calèches de Lanessan , the second wine named in honor of the Belle Epoque collection of vehicles from the Horse Carriage Museum located in the heart of the estate. And of course Château Lanessan, the flagship of the group, a highly rated Haut Médoc which is not, however, part of the official classification of Bordeaux wines of 1855. You will find 3 grape varieties: 60% cabernet sauvignon, 36% merlot and 4% petit verdot. Thus was born a wine with a complex and elegant nose, a well structured mouth, with fleshy tannins and a persistent finish. Good vintages can be kept for more than 10 years. Here the curiosity is we came for the horse carriage museum when the boys were little and we love the place as well as the wines. It has been a favorite of the family for about 25 yrs already!!

Fort Cussac Medoc les Caleches de Lanessan le tonneau wine aug11

The official Château Lanessan

Of course there are many individual properties visited over the years too numerous to mention, buy the Feret edition, Bordeaux et ses vins or its wines book at any serious book store, the essential historical analytical guide to the wines of the Médoc (Bordeaux) , I have the last edition from 2014. The Feret official webpage:

Its one of my secret get away, the family rents a gîte or a house rental in the area, this time was in Montagny-lès-Buxy near Buxy in the Côte Chalonnaise of southern Burgundy. Actually, my dear late wife Martine’s older brother from the Nord (59) chose the gîte or rental house and we all went in ,12 persons total in a big farm house in wine country!! WE love it!!

There was bed for all individually and huge living/dining room all right next to the vineyards!! and horses the kids rode. There was an elevation that you could see far away all planted with grapes wonderful!! Easy on and off to Buxy the biggest near town. Only 20 km from Châlon sur Sâone a bigger town where we shop even for toys for the boys!! Indeed memorable moment and glad found a new older picture for the blog.

This vineyard is not yet a star, but it deserves more than a detour I know was there from the start of the boom staying near Buxy. The definition of the Côte Chalonnaise still seems a little vague to you, let us quote a few village appellations: Mercurey, Rully, Givry, etc. Perhaps then your taste buds will wake up. As for its geographical location, nothing rocket science either: conscientiously extend the Côte de Beaune to the south. The variety and potential of its terroirs is well established. I can cite the Bouzeron appellations, whose role in the renewal of the Aligoté (great for the Kir! ) grape variety is noteworthy. Then Rully, which offers whites of character and reds with greedy fruity notes, Mercurey, where the reds are predominant and consistent (indeed). Generally solid wines, which contrast with the elegance and silky feel of a Givry. Finally, the coast stops at Montagny,(Buxy wines)  land of gourmet Chardonnays!  And we tried the reds of Pinot Noir as well!!!

Buxy la chapelle saint benoit rando red wine gite 1994

The thread is long but if you want to know more this is the Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB) on the Côte Chalonnaise:,2472,9316.html?

There you go folks, a nice memorable family spot for us in France and hopefully can be yours too. Hope it takes you see these regions of the Haut Médoc and Côte Chalonnaise for its glorious wines, and the France profonde/deep France I love so much. As for the pictures if you notice, they are not ,but wine labels I used to removed and keep an album for the memories.

The cellarmaster wine label album

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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