Place Wilson of Toulouse!!!

Somehow, whenever we come to Toulouse we end up here either walking or driving by it. This is very nice, lively ,clean, modern as can be in Toulouse. I have mentioned the square in other posts but not one on itself and the wonderful carrousel of Place Wilson. Let me tell you a bit about it ok; hope you enjoy it as I.

One of the mythical squares of Toulouse! First of all because it is located at the Jean Jaurès metro, where the only 2 metro lines meet, so this is where people meet for a nice walk in the city center!  The Place du Président-Thomas-Woodrow-Wilson is a square in the historic center of Toulouse. It is located in the heart of the Saint-Georges district, in sector 1 – Center. It extends the Allées Jean-Jaurès, linking the heart of the city to the Canal du Midi. Built around the square, cafes and cinemas concentrate student nightlife.

Then because it is ideally located close to the Capitole and around there are all the shops, the Gaumont cinema and the shopping streets of the pink city! It extends the Jean Jaurès alleys, is located 2 minutes from the Capitole, and this greenery in the heart of the city center is frankly good! Adorned with a very pretty monument fountain to Goudouli was inaugurated in 1908. A 17C Occitan poet, his face and his pose seem to have frozen him in perpetual reflection. You can rest there on one of the benches while having a bite to eat. It’s definitely one of the liveliest places in Toulouse, day and night, and I love going there! We have great family memories of eating our Häagen-Dazs ice cream, 18 Pl of President Thomas Wilson !!

toulouse pl wilson jul10


Already two generations of Toulouse residents have galloped on wooden horses. Ever since Marc Méric installed it for the first time in Toulouse, on Place Saint-Georges. And since that date of December 1990, the carousel has been a part of the life of all Toulousians, Since 2007, the carousel has been running 365 days a year on Place Wilson.


At the Place du Président-Thomas-Woodrow-Wilson you have the junction of the streets such as the Allées du Président-Franklin-Roosevelt, Rue d’Austerlitz, Rue Lafayette, Rue Lapeyrouse, Rue Saint-Antoine-du-T, and Rue des Trois-Journées, The nearest metro stations are Capitole, on the line A, and Jean-Jaurès line A and B. Nearby are the stops for the Lineo L1​, L8​ ,L9​​​​​​​​​​​​ and bus 14​, 23, and ​29, The closest VéloToulouse self-service bike stations are in the neighboring streets: these are stations no. 1 (12 rue du Poids-de-l’Huile), no. 2 (21 rue Lafayette), no. 3 (62 rue de la Pomme), No. 7 (6 Rue du Rempart-Villeneuve), No. 19 (62 Boulevard Lazare-Carnot) and No. 20 (60 Boulevard Lazare-Carnot). Heavily used as this is an university town, However, we have, also, park at 16 Allée Jean Jaurès, a great underground parking, for reference webpage:

The square is named after Thomas Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States from 1912 to 1920. In April 1917, he committed his country to WWI or the Great War on the side of the Allies. On July 4, 1918, the city of Toulouse, led by mayor Jean Rieux, named Woodrow Wilson an honorary citizen of the city and gave his name to the square.

The Toulouse tourist office on the Carrousel of Pl Wilson

There you go folks, a nice pretty Place Wilson for short, and a wonderful sight of the Carrousel and the fountain. Just lovely memories of the pink city of Toulouse, with us forever. Again, hope you enjoy this post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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