The beaches of La Rochelle!!

This is one of our favorite cities in France , really, that is saying a lot when you have visited zillions of villages here over the years. I have overlook the beaches so let me tell you some more of La Rochelle.

I have several posts on La Rochelle in my blog, but touch sparingly the beaches, It has some nice one been by the coast so therefore here is my take on the beaches of La Rochelle !!! The city is in the Charente Maritime dept 17 of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and of course, in my belle France !

La Rochelle was thalasso and thermes to begin with and it finally exploded with beachgoers from 1907 onwards. Renowned for the seawater swimming pools of its thalassotherapy centers from the 18C, it was with the opening of plage de la Concurrence beach that the town really became a seaside resort. At the beginning, the beach was summarily laid out and a wooden palisade separated it in two, the right part being reserved for the military. It was not until the takeover of the casino by the town in 1901 and the decommissioning of the fortifications, then the departure of the military that a new beach, larger and better equipped, was developed in 1907. The Concurrence beach was followed by that of the Minimes in 1978, then by that of Chef de Baie more recently.

The Plage de la Concurrence is the most central beach, the closest to the Old Port. 150 meters of sand along a beautiful promenade allées du mail. There is a restaurant and a snack. From this beach, one can see the Pointe de Chef de Baie on one side and the marina. On the left of the beach, there is an access for disabled people (with a provision of specific equipment) . There are also showers and toilets. A car park is available behind the restaurant at the roundabout and the allées du mail . We can see the Richelieu Lighthouse offshore, recognizable by its red color. I have to say this is more central and a favorite beach.


The Plage de Chef de Baie is located west of the Old Port, at the Pointe de Chef de Baie, behind a small fishing port and the commercial port of La Pallice. There is less than 200 meters of sand . Access to the beach is via stairs or a ramp near the first aid station. There are also showers and toilets with a small snack. A large free car park is also available.  This one, which is not far from the old port, is pleasant with a peripheral promenade, which overlooks 2 historical monuments: the battery and the Tour Carrée. It is also accessible to people with reduced mobility. The sand here is soft, not too many shells depending on the tides. This small beach is part of a 30-hectare site of the same name, classified as a Sensitive Natural Area, which is home to preserved animal and plant biodiversity.

The Plage des Minimes is located between the marina and the Pointe de Minimes with some part bordering the pine forest. It is equipped for disabled guests (next to the dam, near the port and the aid station). There are also toilets and showers. Over the 200 meters of sand, one can enjoy the sand and the beach amenities. In summer, there is a beach volleyball court. The area nearest to the pine forest (at the alley Stella Maris) is not monitored and swimming can be dangerous because of sharp rocks. It is therefore advisable to use the area on the right to swim. Behind the dike and the port, there is a small beach reserved for water sports (windsurfing and small boats). A large car park is available behind the beach, there are restaurants and bars nearby. Sandy beach, ideal for families with children and for water activities: kayaking, stand up paddle, sailing, shore fishing, kite flying. In summer there is a beach volleyball court. The plage des Minimes beach faces the mythical Bout du Monde lighthouse ,and offers a splendid view of Fort Boyard and the islands of Ré and Oléron offshore. It is located on the edge of the large Parc des Pères, the starting point for a beautiful walk on the cliffs ! This our favorite beach!!!



The city of La Rochelle on its beaches :

My fav Plages TV webpage on the beaches of La Rochelle :

The La Rochelle tourist office on the beaches (see more but I gave you those on city limits) :

There you go folks a wonderful town for a stay of more than a day for sure. La Rochelle, we really like it and fond memories of it. There is wonderful beaches too and we love to be back the soonest, high on the list for sure. Hope you have enjoy the post on the beaches of La Rochelle as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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