Aux Vignobles Salon of Vannes!!!

My fav event in the area of Vannes and they continue the tradition!!  When, I moved to the beautiful Morbihan for work duties and stayed, we heard about it, but always too many to choose from went elsewhere, then in 2014 got the bugs and went in;surprise was nice . Then, for some unexplained reason of travels elsewhere skip again 2015/2016 and got hook thereafter, going to the events in 2017/2018/2019! Unfortunately 2020 was cancelled due to the virus and they were back in 2021!  All known as the Salon de la Gastronomie  et Arts Culinaires. 

This year we made sure we were there and went for it again, Now this year 2022 it started with a new name Aux Vignobles and held over from March 11 to the 14 at the Chorus Parc des Expositions de Vannes in the Parc du Golfe. General admission 5€! (we get invited by the merchants so free admission) ,More than 100 exhibitors representing French gastronomy and sorted for the quality of their products. Wine and food tasting during the show from all corners of my belle France. We were there again Saturday morning March 12 , This is great and already a tradition for us to be here. Going in…………..

vannes aux vignobles expo salon entrance NF XF mar22

For this edition it was once again the opportunity to meet some of the providers we shop while in our adventurous road warrior ways thru the French countryside, You have the real France here nothing industrial, supermarket type but the real deal straight from the farms and the artisans who produces the marvelous things we all came to know France for and still is. You have them here from different regions all defending their land and product. We later came to visit many of them on site and the history continues,,,

vannes aux vignobles expo salon entr inside mar22

We stopped by our long time favorites sort of house wines/champa/foods, we love their conversation and love it even more being recognised and even family details exchange, These are our visit to their stand this time :

Champagne Lagille et Fils Treslon near Reims (all Brut Chardonnay white and rosé)

EARL Cousseau Boireau of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil , they purchase a secondary home near us in St Philibert !! (red and rosés Cabernet Franc)

Maison Gastellou from Saint Jean Pied de Port (sheep cheese, filet mignon sausages, ham in espilette spice, gateau basque cake, saucissons)

Château Tour Birol Côtes de Bourg, Bordeaux region with delicious malbec reds!!! The owner has grandaugher living in Michigan USA ! Reds Malbec !

Domaine Herault, Chinon -Panzoult (red and rosés,Cabernet Franc)

vannes aux vignobles expo chateau tour birol cotes de bourg bordeaux mar22

vannes aux vignobles expo maison gastellou sausages cheeses mar22

vannes aux vignobles expo maison gastellou hams mar22

We wanted to see a lot more but felled sorry my twin boys were not allowed in because their health pass had expired two days !!! Even if we are told the pass will go away by March 14 ! So in order to hurry up we only saw those above from the ones below we wanted to see, tant pis, there will be next time.

We were looking forward to see again the Aux Délices Catalans, Aux Goût du Monde, the Caves Rougebec (Vouvray Touraine) ,Château Fonbaude (côtes Bordeaux/Castillon), Château Lambert (Fronsac)  ,Ferme Aguerria (foie gras), La Rose Pauillac(Pauillac) ,La Pose Catalane (saucissons), Maison Guibert (Tarn charco cheeses), and Roxane et Cyrano (Bergerac).

vannes aux vignobles expo salon 1 mar22

vannes aux vignobles expo salon 2 mar22

The official event Aux Vignobles – Vannes:

The official Le Chorus Parc des Expositions de Vannes on getting there:

There you go folks, a dandy indeed! These fairs events are held throughout France every year except the darn virus. We have been to some but this one is so convenient we repeat visits even if already visited the producer in their farm. Already looking forward to the next one, catch it , this is France at its best for the food, the ambiance the savoir faire and all!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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