Wonderful sights of Pau!!!

In there you go folks, more finds in my vault not previously in my blog! I am digging slowly into them and already found some gems such as these. In our many trips to Pau, we have walked the town, and had some off the beaten path monuments worth the detour. Therefore, let me tell you about two wonderful sights in Pau worth a look; hope you enjoy it as I.

The Church of Saint-Louis de Gonzague is located on Place Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague in Pau, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques dept 64, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The oldest church in the city, its construction began in 1679, to be completed a little over 170 years later, in 1851 !


Originally, this church was then to constitute the main chapel of the royal Jesuit college adjoining it. Construction began in 1679, unfortunately, despite numerous monetary donations from local personalities, this did not prevent the Jesuits from quickly running out of means, To make matters worse, the Company of Jesus was dissolved in 1763 by King Louis XV and his favorite Madame de Pompadour. It was temporarily administered by the city and then entrusted in 1779 to the Benedictines of Saint-Maur. A few years later, the French revolution of 1789 arrived and the church then began a slow deterioration.

After a long legal battle, it was not until 1848 that work resumed and ended in 1851 with the installation of the high altar from the interior chapel of the school and dating from 1654. The church was officially assigned to the public worship on November 11, 1851 as an annex to St. Martin’s Church and was also used for high school services. In 2020, the roof of the building was completely redone, then the following year, the two canvases taking place on either side of the main entrance, then in very poor condition, were restored. These come, just like the cross fixed on the facade, from the old Bosquet hospital, now destroyed,

The parish Mass on the Chapelle Saint Louis : https://messes.info/lieu/64/pau/chapelle-saint-louis

The official St Louis de Gonzague Churchhttps://fssppau.com/Presentation/eglise.html

The Chapelle du Couvent des Réparatrices is located at 3 Rue des Réparatrices in Pau. This neo-Gothic style chapel is part of the former convent of the Reparatrices. At the time of its construction, in the second half of the 19C, Pau enjoyed impressive growth thanks to its success as a holiday destination. New religious communities settled there to take advantage of the generosity of society who came to spend long stays there, but also of the proximity to Lourdes. Here, it is on her own land that the Baroness of Brienen built this convent complex, near her residence, the Villa San Carlos. She thus pays homage to her aunt, founder of the Order of Repairers. These nuns had the mission of praying to repair the wrongs done to Christ by men.


The Convent of the Repairers Chapel was built around 1883 and it ensures the junction between the two perpendicular wings of the conventual buildings which form a cloister. Its slender shape responds to the codes of the neo-Gothic, as do its large bays and ribbed vaults, as well as the fleurons, pinnacles and sculpted capitals that adorn its architecture. The alternation of white and gray limestone punctuates its buttresses and the frames of its openings, as on the rest of the convent. Inside, the choir is decorated with rich mosaics that fit into three blind arcades and above the two side doors. The stained glass windows, are contemporary with the chapel,

Since 2003, the convent has been transformed to house the auditorium of the music and dance conservatory, a place of teaching and creation. The chapel also hosts many concerts, making its Cavaillé-Coll organ still resonate today. In the other parts of the convent and in the building built as an extension, there are 74 classrooms and two dance studios. Good armchairs will delight your buttocks, few places, it is imperative to reserve for all the events, Very nice place really and very nice theater as a result!

The city of Pau on the conservatory former chapel: https://www.pau.fr/article/le-conservatoire-de-pau-un-bel-ecrin-pour-un-jeune-centenaire

There you go folks, two dandy off the beaten path in nice Pau. You are never too far away from wonderful architecture and history in my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post as I and do the walking in Pau!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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