The forest of Fontainebleau !

Well this is a dandy and very much in vogue, growing attendance and lots of improvements over the years. If you read my blog , you know I am not too much into forests or walks in it; however, this one is special as with the wonderful castle we did went to it, and of course drive into it as much as possible. It’s time for me to show you the other face of Fontainebleau, that of its forest! In my black and white series, no pictures. Hope you enjoy it as I.

The forest of Fontainebleau ,a forest maze and a square with hectolines roads. Nice walk starting from Vaudomé direction La Roche aux Sabots crossing the Trois Pignons, the valley of Chanfroy , the canyons of Franchard and Apremont. You need a guide for more enjoyment or a good walkers’ map with experience.

The Trois Pignons or the 3 rocky hills that are really 4 but cut in a way to look like 3. The road of the Plaine de Jean des Vignes get you in the mood already with good panels. The sables du Cul de Chien or something like the sands of the dog’s ass mark the entrance to a wonderful dessert ,now only huge stones are there such the ones call Diplodocus, Tortue, Reptile, and Chien.

There is a huge forets with lots of animal life and of course trees (do not ask me tech questions lol) was told about 80 species of trees, and several fruit trees. There is a monument to the French resistance in WWII from the underground network Publican near the plains of Chanfroy. On the other side you see the canyon of Poivres somewhat cut by the passing of the highway A6. Here in these plains you see a lighted clearing and grassy areas of Corne Biche, la Touche, aux Mulets and the rock of the queen or la Reine. The area houses a biological reserve, at the foot of the rock of the queen you see blocks of stones sculpture with a lunar paysage and excavations and caves.

They told us there are about 10K animals in the forest like the black carpenter bird, the wild pigs, deers , that we saw, There is a pretty area by the canyon of Franchard with a great view on the plains of Arbonne and the farther mont Rouget. At the carrefour de l’Ermitage you see the oldest building in the forest, founded in the 12C, 4 km north of it you see the creeks and mount Girard marking the entrance to the canyon of Apremont. Here you see the famous elephant stone le Captif an oak trunk into the rock and the cave des Brigands. You have a good view of Barbizon and the agriculture plains of Chailly en Biére, and plunging into the underground gallery of Clair Bois and the cave of Barbizonnieres. Go up 135 meters to reach Mont Aigu by the road turning to L’Hélice strange rocks that takes you to the la Faisanderie and the national center of forests office.

An anecdote on the old Biére. There was a time that the massif of Fontainebleau was known by the name of Forest of the Biére, Domaine des Capétiens under Robert II le Pieux, becomes from 1167 a green annex of the first royal residance of Fontainebleau. François I only came to practice hunting , Louis XIV ordered Colbert to reforest the natural environment, 600 hectares of trees were planted in 1716, wild pine trees were grown on 6000 hectares in 1830. And thanks to the painters of Barbizon the, forest grew from 1853, Parisians started to come by train opening in 1849. The last big arrangement to preserve the natural spaces ,biodiversity, and the passages is ongoing to host over 10 millions visitors !!!

The Fontainebleau tourist office on the forest:

The National office of forests on Fontainebleau:

There you go folks, another dandy in my belle France. This one in my sentimental Fontainebleau and Seine et Marne dept 77 of the Ïle de France region. Hope you enjoy the brief introduction to the forest of Fontainebleau!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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