The music kiosk of Alcalà de Henares!!

Several times we went to a famous town to seek the wonderful monuments that makes it famous. However, often in time, we see other monuments that catch our eyes and we even come to enjoy it even more. This is the case of our walks in the beautiful city of Alcalà de Henares, in the province of Madrid and in the Comunidad de Madrid region. Here will tell you more about its pretty music kiosk; hope you enjoy it as I.

In the Plaza de Cervantes (see post)  was not a year for many celebrations in 1898, that is why the inauguration in that year of a beautiful and elegant music kiosk in Alcalá de Henares was like a ray of light, for which followed the prevailing fashion in Europe in the 19C of the so-called iron architecture, which had already been imposed in Madrid. The music kiosk was finished on April 11, 1898.


The wrought iron railing presents an allegory of music with a lyre and two trumpets on each front. Octagonal floor plan with eight fine and elegant columns, on whose bases the name of the workshop “Lebrero Madrid” in which they were carved is engraved. On four of its fronts we see four coats of arms of the city with the royal crown. Cast iron allowed music kiosks, in addition to having a light structure, to be beautiful and decorative and thus, in the last decade of the 19C, many in Spain were designed by municipal architects who gave them their characteristic stamp.


It is made of exposed brick and in neo-Mudejar style. It is known by various names such as the Casino Mercantil or the Círculo de Contribuyentes (Circle of Taxpayers) . Years go by, many of them very hard in Alcalá de Henares, including a civil war and many venerable buildings disappear, but the music kiosk is still here, which has served not only for music hundreds of times, but also for theatrical performances, political meetings, religious ceremonies , and radio programs, but its deterioration is so evident that a careful restoration was finally decided, and so on September 22, 2001 it reopened with a concert by the Municipal Symphonic Band and the Andalusian company Al-baraka. Currently, although the musical tradition of Alcalá has not ceased, the concerts have not been held in the kiosk again. One of the alleged reasons is that the noise generated by the traffic surrounding the square makes it unfeasible.  Again , a new restoration work  was done in September 2021.


The Alcala de Henares tourist office on the music kiosk

There you are folks, a dandy monument in the middle of a beautiful square in pretty Alcalà de Henares not to be missed. The music kiosk is wonderful and the little ones will enjoy it even more me think. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I do like that park and the statue of Cervantes.

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