My restaurants of Cuenca!!

I have written plenty on this town in my blog, and have many memorable posts, Therefore, why not write about the restaurants we love and memories plenty of our Cuenca. I like to update this older post and ake you to my fav town of Cuenca in the province of Cuenca and the Autonomous Community of Castilla La Mancha of the kingdom of Spain. One of my most nostalgic towns having spent wonderful family vacations here and they last forever with my Martine; even one resto bears her name in Spanish!



Let’s start with a city center restaurant, the Cafe Bar la Martina , Calle Carreteria, 33You will find perfectly cooked tapas, jamon and pan con tomate on the menu. It’s a must while visiting Cafe Bar la Martina to order delicious beer. Get your meal ended with great coffee. The convenient location of this restaurant makes it easy to reach even in rush hours.  The fast service is something these restaurateurs care about.  Reasonable prices at this restaurant are good news for its visitors and the ambiance is pleasant.



So lunch we had at Bar Cafe Martina  each time in town or most, it was found as usual by walking around the town coming on its most pedestrian nice city center street of Calle Carreteria. This is a local joint very friendly nice and the price right. We had our usual beers under a umbrella canopy in the middle of the street,and had our omelettes, chorizos, and croquettes all good.  Calle Carretería had its great splendor when the city ended in La Ventilla and little more than Cuatro Caminos, along Calle de la Alameda, which led to the bullring and the avenue of the Reyes Càtolicos (Catholic Monarchs)  of scattered dwellings. It was  the real shopping center of the city , still partly today, for the purposes of the social life itself. There is no webpage but the restaurantguru site has nice pics and comments for reference : .


The Cafeteria Boni  at Av. de los Alfares, 48 with terrace sitting that is set up in the parque/Jardines de San Juliàn by Calle Caballeros entrance as well.  The service and food was good but it was the most expensive experience in the trip! Only 15.90€ per person for arroz a la Cubana, small  steaks, fries, omelettes, croquettes of ham and cheese, and beers for all ! Expensive for Cuenca area but still a good value compare to Madrid ; again good food and great local ambiance.Even thus lately they have been associated with the VIPS chain in Spain.  Another find by walking the beat of the town of Cuenca. Best of all, its terrace for a drink on the hot summer days under the shades of the imposing trees of Parque San Julian. Their attentive staff is very hard working, always has a positive attitude and makes this a great place. A wonderful memorable experience with the family. No webpage but again for reference the restaurantguru site :



There you go folks, two local restaurants to enjoy the visit to Cuenca any time, We will always have nice memories of Bar Cafe Martina and Cafeteria Boni-Vips, These are part of the nostalgic adventures we take when we travel even in very familiar places like me in my Spain. Enjoy my restaurants of Cuenca!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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