Angers, a memorable town!!!

Once again , in my road warrior tour of the region and on our way back home, decided to stop by Angers for lunch and a memorable spot. Of course, have several posts in my blog on this memorable town. This is again on Angers , a wonderful city in the dept 49 of Maine et Loire and in the Pays de la Loire region of my belle France.

angers rue Voltaire feb22

 At place du Ralliement, we had lunch before in the superb  Le Pub du Ralliement , and we hit it again for another wonderful time with the boys and Dad, and remembering those who came here and not this time as my dear late wife Martine.

Angers pl du Ralliement pub du ralliement front feb22

The place du Ralliement,we hit it right on for lunch in the Le Pub du Ralliement.  Its location on the central square and its continuous service make this pub a must-see night and day. The square has beautiful architecture buildings, an underground parking Ralliement and plenty of shops and restos all around it. The Le Pub du Ralliement sits just over the tramway lanes and across from the Grand Théâtre.  Its wooded, subdued interior, which is spread over two levels, is as comfortable as it is warm. A cozy interior, and easy access for people with reduced mobility, including the toilets (through the door located on the right rue Cordelle).We used this door for my Dad, very helpful folks and easy in and out for him on wheelchair.

Angers pl du Ralliement parking out feb22

The restaurant guru webpage good info and reviews on the Pub du Ralliement

This time we started with a Kir, Cosmopolitan, Cuba Libre, and coca cola for Dad. We follow up with steak and egg, 2-carbonade Flamande, and a Club Canard for me. All went down for me with a Triple Karmeliet 8.4% beer and the other Guinness and more coca cola. We finish dessert with 2 scoops of ice cream for Dad, and Coupe Angevin, and 2 banana splits. all for about 32€ per person, nice for the spot. All very good with the usual great service and friendly help. We will be back!!!

Angers pl du Ralliement pub du ralliement bar feb22

Angers pl du Ralliement pub du ralliement entr feb22

The city of Angers and the activities agenda:

And the Angers tourist office on its gastronomy:

There you go folks, a nice walk to have some wonderful food with a great view of the city, wonderful architectural stunning building in pretty Angers. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, andn many cheers to all !!!

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