Rigny-Ussé, castle and al!!!

Well here I am in my road warrior trips to the wonderful Loire valley of my belle France. This is an area you can easily spent a lifetime and do not see it all, awesome. I have seen plenty of these castles and monuments but decided to come back to one not been in years… before blogging! To my organising self, we came on the 9th and the castle is not open until the 13th so we missed the inside and as road warrior goes no time to call ahead. Oh well I will show you what I saw and more power to come back for more soon!

Here is my brief take on the Château d’Ussé and its monuments; hope you enjoy it as I.

The Château d’Ussé is located in Rigny-Ussé, in the Indre-et-Loire dept 37 of the Centre-Val de Loire region, It is a private domain open to visitors,and belongs to the 7th Duke of Blacas. It is located 33 km from Tours and 14 km from Chinon, in the town of Rigny-Ussé. Ussé merged in 1860 with Rigny to form the town of Rigny-Ussé.

Usse castle towers feb22

In 1099, Olivier d’Ussé was the lord of the place. His family seems to retain the lordship until the 14C. Towards the end of the Hundred Years’ War, in 1424, Jean V de Bueil, Count of Sancerre and Admiral of France, Lord of Ussé and notable captain of the king’s armies, member of one of Touraine’s most illustrious families built the basic structure of the current château. He died in 1477. His son Antoine, Count of Sancerre in 1478 and Lord of Ussé in 1456, married in 1462 Jeanne de Valois, daughter of Charles VII and Agnès Sorel. In the 1460s, he undertook the reconstruction of the castle in the style of the 15C. Over-indebted, Antoine de Bueil sold Ussé to Jacques d’Espinay in 1485. Of Breton origin, Jacques d’Espinay was the son of the chamberlain of the Duke François II of Brittany. He himself became chamberlain to Kings Charles VIII and Louis XII, then became Grand Master of the Queen’s Hotel. He continued the work on the castle and founded the collegiate church in 1521, destined to become the funeral chapel for his family.
Voltaire is said to have stayed there and written part of La Henriade. King Louis XVIII offered the lords of the time his portrait, which still hangs on the wall of the grand staircase. The castle has two architectural styles, one of medieval and Gothic inspiration and the other of the Renaissance. The interior courtyard presents an example of these two styles. Of course, this is the castle overlooking the Indre and the Loire rivers, so wonderful that it inspired Charles Perrault to imagine the castle of Sleeping Beauty.

Usse castle towers et logis feb22

Usse castle inside chapel feb22

The official Château d’Usséhttps://www.chateaudusse.fr/?lang=en

In the 15C. the region of Saint-Benoît-la-Forêt and Rigny is a regular place of stay for King Louis XI who comes to Mass at Notre Dame de Rigny Church and signs ordinances and missive letters there. Over the centuries, and certainly since the 16C, the hamlet of Rigny, from its valley, has moved to the town of Ussé, near the castle. The Church of Notre Dame and the cemetery nevertheless remained the center of worship and burial of the parish of Rigny until the middle of the 19C. Under Napoleon III, four fifths of the population of the village lived in Ussé , around the castle, and no longer Rigny. At that time, the Marquise de La Rochejaquelein, owner of the Château d’Ussé, received an important inheritance from a lady Georget, in charge of building a new church in the town of Ussé. Following the arrangements made with the town, the new church was built in 1858 – 1859, the town ceded the Church of Notre Dame de Rigny to Mme de La Rochejaquelein , under the condition of maintaining it in good condition and guaranteeing access to it for pilgrims and other manifestations of worship, Notre Dame therefore finds itself the property of the château… and quite alone in its valley. In 1885, the Blacas family acquired the castle and have owned it ever since. It also maintains the Notre Dame de Rigny Church.  The Collegiate Notre-Dame de la Trinité built between 1521 and 1535, the collegiate church of Ussé, dedicated to the Virgin and Saint Anne, serves as a private oratory and funeral chapel. The basket-handle entrance door is surmounted by an entablature and a curved shell pediment. The flames of the arch are decorated with seventeen medallions from which appear the busts of the twelve Apostles on the sides with Christ in the center. To the right of Christ, and from top to bottom are Peter, John, James the Greater, Andrew, Thomas, and possibly James the Minor. The four medallions at the bottom have Death as their theme. glazed earthenware.

Usse ch de la Trinité front feb22

Usse ch de la trinité altar feb22

Usse ch de la trinité chapel family feb22

Usse ch de la trinité chapel sacre heart feb22

The city of Rigny-Ussé on its heritagehttp://www.rigny-usse.fr/tourisme.html

The South Loire tourist board on the castlehttps://www.sudvaldeloire.co.uk/offers/chateau-dusse-rigny-usse-en-2608562/

Of course, we went by car just about 3h30 from our house and we took the scenic ride going along the Loire river by the D55 road by Loire Authion and Saint Mathurin then connect with the D952 along Le Port Maur and passing the road D749 bridge, then the Pont de Montsoreau, and the Pont du Cadre Noir or road D347 awesome!!

There you go folks, a nice initial run and more to come stay tune. This is me , us in the road warrior trips of my beautiful Loire valley , the valley of the kings, and my belle France ,where else!! Hope you enjoy this introduction in the small cute town of Rigny-Ussé.

And remember, happy travels, good health , and many cheers to all!!!

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