More streets of Rome!

So for lack of a better name, my creative genious only allows to mention this post as more streets of Rome! Indeed it is always refreshing to walk any city and those you visit seems to give oneself a positive feeling on life and the bounties of our Earth.

I have come to Rome several times over the years in France and if you have read my blog, one of my pastimes is to get lost on the city streets on foot. Above ground you see more and its better for you  ok. Well Rome was no difference whether on business or with the family vacation I walk. The family always remarks that I walk and don’t even look back lol! Well I am looking at the architecture as I go by always fascinating if I could only been an architect lol! (well its runs in the family we have them!).

I found some older pictures that feels should be in my blog. The mind in me tells me they need to be in my blog. Therefore, here are some more walks on the streets of Rome. Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Lungotevere Aventino is the part of the lungotevere connecting the ponte Palatino to Piazza dell’Emporio, in Rome, in the Ripa district. The Lungotevere corresponds to the slopes of Cermalus, the area of the Palatine hill under which, according to legend, Romulus and Remus were picked from the waters of the Tiber, after being abandoned in a basket. Above the Lungotevere are situated two parks, Sant’Alessio and the Parco Savello.(see posts)

roma lungotevere aventino chevaliers de malta walls old aug13

Formerly known as Piazza Mastro Giorgio, the Piazza Testaccio was born by popular will around 1900, to curb the urbanization of the area. For many years, Piazza Testaccio has been the commercial heart of the district, home to one of the historic local markets of the Capital. Following the complete restyling of the square of 2015, the market moved to a new location. The Fontana delle Anfore, (amphores fountain) built in 1926, has been brought back to the center of the square, where it was initially located.

roma Piazza Testaccio Fontana delle Anfore aug13

Two pictures of a wonderful area to walk, stay and eat in Rome, around the Piazza de Venezia.(see post) The first one shows the view from the Monument Vittorio Emanuelle II (see post) to the Church of Gesu ,see the dome. The second one shows the view to the palace of Venezia, now an arts museum.

roma from monument emmanuel vittorio to ch gesu dome aug13

roma from monument emmanuel vittorio venetia building aug13

The Rome tourist office for reference :

There you go folks, another dandy pictures of wonderful areas of eternal Rome. It was a memorable family trip after many business trips, the gang convince me to take them there, and it was a blast; memories forever. We might go again with the family that remains. Hope you enjoy the post as i

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I have great memories of Rome. What a city!

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