The streets of Trier!!

This is another nostalgic town for us ,which we are coming here since 1992, and several times afterward. It has several posts in my blog and Trier as well is considered the oldest town in Germany. We had great family moments here over the years. I found couple pictures from my vault of memorable places which should have in my blog. Therefore, here are my take on the streets of Trier!!

After a redesign of the Kornmarkt (Corn market) and restoration of the fountain in 2003, the area is now used intensively for gastronomy. The market is one of the central points of the annual Trier Old Town Festival, one of the largest folk festivals in the Trier region.

The square is almost rectangular, only deviates significantly from the right angle on a corner of it. A new, simple city/town hall was built  with several smaller buildings between this and the old city/town hall. The showpiece of the square was the baroque house “Königsburg” on the square. However, this was demolished in 1879 and replaced by the Imperial Upper Post Office.  On the square is the Sankt Georgsbrunnen in honor of Prince Elector Franz Georg von Schönbornwas erected and is considered one of the most beautiful Rococo fountains in Germany . The square was opened to the Brotstrasse, the newly created street therefore bears the name Johann-Philipp-Strasse, and figures from his patron saint stand on the corner building facing the Brotstrasse.


On the lower part of the square, the classicist casino was built In the casino company based there, the liberal bourgeoisie, including the lawyer Heinrich Marx , father of Karl Marx , set the tone. In 1907 the square was redesigned into an ornamental garden, and in 1930 part of the square was converted into a car park.  Do try the restaurants down the Johann-Philipp-Straße from the Konstantinbasilika  (Constantine basilica) it opens up into a square, the Kornmarkt, with several options.

Fleischstraße is in the center of Trier. It leads from the cattle market square via the grain market to the main market. The bread road runs parallel. It is one of the main shopping streets in the city and has been a pedestrian zone since 1977. Fleischstrabe (meat street)  leads from the Viehmarktplatz (cattle market)  via the Kornmarkt (corn market) to the Hauptmark (main market) . The bread road runs parallel . The street derives its name from the stalls of the butchers’ guild located at the beginning of the street in the Middle Ages. The oldest evidence of the street dates from 1190.


Of these buildings, the house at Fleischstraße 14, which stood opposite today’s Galerie Kaufhof, deserves special mention. The history of the building dates back to the 15C. The house was rebuilt in 1756. At that time it served as a court and as a school for the parish of Sankt Gangolf, until it was auctioned off in 1819 to Mr. Mohr, who adapted the building to the spirit of the time. The rusticated ground floor is characterized by a cornice on the first floor and a corrugated band motif running below it in the parapet area, which is contrasted with the upper floors

There are several shops, cafés and restaurants on Fleischstrasse. The Galeria Kaufhof branch (our favorie dept store in Germany!) is visually striking with around 11,000 square meters of retail space. The Trier Galerie, which opened in 2008, is almost in the immediate vicinity: a shopping mall with around 15,000 square meters of retail space, Nice ! There are a total of 24 cultural monuments in Fleischstrasse , Most of the buildings date from the 19C, See the Heuschreck-Brunnen,(grasshopper fountain) in Fleischstrasse.


The Trier tourist office for reference

There you go folks, a wonderful set of streets to enjoy walking in old Trier, Germany. Hope you enjoy the brief post on one of my favorite cities in Europe. Long family tradition of visiting and staying long, see posts.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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