Curiosities of Saarbruecken !!

And why stick with Germany for a while, and take you to another city we enjoy visiting with the family in grand days of German road warrior trips. This time we went to Saarbruecken; of course plenty of other posts on the city but this time will tell you a bit about some curiosities of Saarbruecken !!

The museum in the castle church is located at Am Schlossberg 6 in a historic church building. Right on the Schlossplatz . The entrance with a double wooden door can be reached via a ramp, which is located in a steep, cobblestone alley. The interior (nave) with a stone floor, in which seating is also provided for special events. The chancel and aisle are two steps above ground level, but the view of the monumental princely baroque tombs is still possible from the central nave. The sculpture exhibition in the gallery via the outer churchyard and elevator/lift.

The Castle Church is a former church in Saarbruecken. Until the introduction of the Reformation in 1575, she wore the patron saint of St. Nicholas of Myra. Since 2004 the church building has been a museum for Christian sacred art. The Castle Church is located on the left bank of the Saar in the district of Alt-Saarbrücken.  Today’s Gothic building was first mentioned in 1476. So it can be assumed that the construction of the church began before 1476.


The Castle Church offers the perfect setting for the presentation of sacred art and handicrafts. It houses pieces from the Museum of Prehistory and Early History and the Old Collection of the Saarland Museum specially selected for this location, including an extensive group of medieval sculptures. Built at the end of the 15C and beginning of the 16C, the castle church served as a burial place for the princes of Nassau-Saarbrücken from 1651. The grave monuments of Count Gustav Adolph and his wife Eleonore Klara (erected 1699-1700), the tomb of Count Ludwig Crato (erected around 1713) and the tomb of Count Wilhelm Heinrich and his wife Sophie (erected 1772) have all survived to this day impressive evidence of baroque sculpture. Another highlight are the brightly colored windows that were created after the reconstruction of the church, which had been badly damaged in WWII in the late 1950s. In addition to its museum function, the castle church also serves as a rehearsal and concert room for the Saar University of Music.

The museum in the castle of sacre arts: 

The St. Johanner Markt is a square in the district of St. Johann and forms the center of the city,  a square surrounded by inner courtyards and alleyways. The St. Johanner Markt is sometimes referred to as “Saarbrücken’s living room”. On this square with its original atmosphere and baroque style, you can buy shoes, designer clothes, accessories, books or original gifts in unusual shops. You can’t really get to know Saarbruecken without having taken a walk on the St. Johanner Markt. Its cafés with a good-natured atmosphere, its authentic bistros, its French restaurants and its first-rate shops will make your afternoon of shopping an unforgettable event. Indeed!!


People meet here or stroll through the picturesque alleys around the market square. The old town area has been a pedestrian zone since 1978. From the baroque market fountain (designed by Stengel in 1759) there is a line of sight to the castle, formerly another to the Ludwigskirche and from there one back to the castle , the so-called Stengel triangle. The village had extended into the streets around today’s St. John’s Basilica , Türkenstrasse or Katholisch-Kirch-Strasse, which stands on the site of the medieval St. John’s chapel. This explains the location of the church away from today’s market, on the Catholic-Kirch-Straße, which is quite wide by medieval standards and where the market probably originally took place. Both the original St. Johanner Markt at today’s St. Johann Basilica and the current St. Johanner Markt emerged as typical medieval street markets. The layout of the St. Johann market square can be explained by its proximity to the Saar river crossing or the old Saar bridge and by the crossing of trade routes from Metz to Mainz and from Strasbourg to Trier.


The city of Saarbruecken on St Johanner Markt

The Saarbruecken tourist office on its heritage

The Saarland regional tourist office on Saarbruecken

There you go a nice town on a beautiful silhouette of the Saar river , great shopping! and nice architecture. You can spend a quick whole day here or two as we came back again for another look on same family trip. Enjoy Saarbruecken, Germany.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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