Susmiou and the fisherman!!

So this is a fine example of my road warrior trips in my belle France. I passed by so many towns, usually they go unnotice and no pictures. Sometimes there is a curiosity in them and I go in or past by city center as was the case of Susmiou on the D936. Let me tell you about the fisherman statue  on the road here! Hope you enjoy the off the beaten path of this post need to have it in my blog.

The small town of Susmiou is located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department 64 in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. It is located 44 km from Pau, 22 km from Oloron-Sainte-Marie. 

Historically and culturally, Susmiou is part of the province of Béarn, which was also a state and which presents a historical and cultural unity which is opposed by a striking diversity of landscapes with tormented relief. The town of Susmiou had two secular abbeys, vassals of the viscounty of Béarn ; the abadie-jusan and the abadie-susan of Susmio. In 1385, Susmiou depended on the Bailiwick of Navarrenx. The Barony of Gabaston, vassal of the Viscounty of Béarn, was composed of Angous, Navailles and Susmiou. There is one building of note here, the Church Sainte Catherine of Alexandria.

The fisherman statue at the Navarrenx / Susmiou D936 roundabout. The scene represents a fisherman with his rod of 10 meters long pulling a salmon of about 2.70 meters ! out of the water, just before taking the gaff… Impressive in beauty and truth! 300 kg of stainless steel totally unalterable to air, water and acids, 60 square meters of stainless steel surface in 6 and 8 tenths of a thickness; all worked by cold hammering and spot welded to avoid deformations with an interior reinforcement and heating zones in places to give color. Awesome !


We actually started from Pau where we were base direction Oloron Sainte Marie, then here took the road D936 to Oloron Sainte Marie towards Susmiou and the nice rondpoint of the fisherman statue past Sauveterre de Béarn to Bayonne connecting with the A63 to Bordeaux, Wonderful territory which this road warrior enjoy much !

The town of Susmiou on the community of Béarn and des Gaves

There you go folks, a unique brief post on a nice anecdote of the road warrior which are many but will bring them out as remember them lol!!! France is a moveable feast indeed or Paris est une fête, which he should have expanded ! Hope you enjoy the anecdote on Susmiou, and do run the roads of France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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