Curiosities of Dieppe!!

The wonderful memorable city of Dieppe is in the département 76 of Seine-Maritime in the region of Normandie. It has been called the city of the four harbors in the Caux country ,about 170 km from Paris, and north of Rouen; right in the deep valley of the Arques. We have come here often, more when living in Versailles; but still nice memories of Dieppe. I like to tell you more of it with new pictures in my blog. Hope you enjoy it as I.

Dieppe has a beach,right off the bd de Verdun, and yes! Casino 3 boulevard de Verdun , 18 hole golf course, racecourse, harbor with ferry service and very nice complex of thalasotherapy on the beach and near the castle such as the Les Bains, Centre Aquatique et Thalasso , 101 bd de Verdun. Since 1980, it host every two years, the biggest kite event on the beach by Bd de Verdun ,on a site Aire de cerf-volant . This is the Festival International de Cerf-Volant, with as much as 44 countries represented and one of the best world events. Be there Sept 2022. Webpage:

dieppe bd verdun to castle sep07

The Boulevard de Verdun is facing the Dieppe beach, with plenty to do there and around it, There is plenty of on street parking but also an underground Indigo La Plage parking, The street takes you directly to the Castle/museum of Dieppe (see post).  Of course, we have stayed there overnight to fully enjoy the city! At the Hotel de la Plage, 20 Bd de Verdun, just across from the beach and near the pool complex ,and castle. Great normandy welcome,friendly, excellent price for a family and great views. Inter Hotels chain we use all over too, webpage:

And lastly, we have eaten in a couple places in Dieppe over the years, and for a while the Créperie Ty Breiz was a warm welcome managed by the owner-family with a good feel of the Bretagne. However, they have closed a while back, nevertheless , just for the memories of always will leave a picture.

Dieppe ty Breiz creps front jul09

You cannot leave this town without going to the fish market, even if not buying, and we have! This is around quai Henri IV facing the marina. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 7h30 to about 13h. The scallop is king here. It has more than one trick in its shell and you will appreciate it in a thousand ways. It can seduce you naturally, raw in carpaccio, or snacked, accompanied by small candied vegetables. It goes great with strong alcohol, preferably a shot of Calvados. This is the white gold of the Dieppois, an institution, an emblem that has stood the test of time. Try it of course from Dieppe! You will see plenty of painters and painters to be around quai Henri IV, lovely spot with a view of the boats, the sea and the cliffs of Dieppe!

dieppe pleasure marina to ch st jacques sep07

dieppe quai henri IV sep07

The city of Dieppe on its heritage

The Dieppe tourist office on the beach and its activities

The Dieppe tourist office webcam on the beach

There you go folks, a memorable town with the whole family for several years, and we have good visits enjoying fully marine Dieppe. Hope you enjoy this new post and the older pictures as I. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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