Shopping in Toulouse !!

I have said not a shopper’s delight but out of family needs have gone into some serious shopping in many cities around the world, One nice experience with the family was visiting Toulouse as usual but more into shopping, I like to update text and link on this older post to tell you about our shopping spree in the city, The walking is great, the shopping is inspirational, and the food oh well its French with an Occitan twist! Enjoy the pink city of Toulouse and its shopping as we did.

And who say you don’t do gro ery shopping here while on vacation? Of course, we do and enjoy it very much as we have been renting appartments or apparthotels for the last several years as our family grows and we now have a dog, our big boy Rex

We went to our old favorite not available in our current Morbihan, Auchan.  From our Adagio apparthotel we move up north pass the A61 autoroute and into Gramont and Balma to visit the Centre Commercial Espace Gramont.  There are the usual mall stores here but we came expressively for the Auchan hypermarket and our groceries. Shopping mall on Auchan:


For an overall mall ambiance you can head for the Espace Saint George, Here you have the NewYorker, Ikea, and the local From Toulouse with Love, The mall address is 51 bis Rue du rempart Saint-Etienne off Bd Lazare Carnot, metro Jean Jaurés and just 450 meters from the Place du Capitole! Shopping webpage:

toulouse espace st george shopping at rue carnot jul10

We had to go to the boys favorite store FNAC, they get so much goodies out of here, and more I do not understand oh well!!! The store here is very convenient in city center by Pl Wilson and Allée Jean Jaures, on 3 levels rather well stock. FNAC PL Wilson webpage:


And of course, there is for Dad too, so my favorite store for yeears has been you guess it Galeries Lafayette. There are all over not just in Paris ,we even have it near us in the Morbihan Breton. The store in Toulouse is of course nice too. It is right into the old town at 4/8 Rue Lapeyrouse not far from the Capitole and near the busy shopping artery of rue  d’Alsace-Lorraine.  It has a food market in the basement and a wonderful views of the city from its terrace top floor resto Ma Biche sur le Toit. GL webpage:

And this is what I mean of the Ma Biche sur le Toit GL Toulouse resto:


And there you go folks, choices for everyone and at every level, this is the pink city of Toulouse in my belle France. Hope you have enjoy the run and we as said will be back!!!  And do have a happy shopping spree anywhere. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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