The Havan dept store of Curitiba!!

Well, there you go me talking about shopping! I am getting better of the past time…While working in Curitiba, Paranà State, of Brazil , I needed to do my own shopping. This was on everything! One day driving around in my glorious Chevy Prisma(!!) I past by a building that had the Statue of Liberty out front! The name did not mean anything to me, Havan, but did stop and went in.

This was a pleasant surprise and a great shopping spree thereafter for my 3 months in Curitiba! Havan is a dept store loaded with everything for the house except food. I am glad find it  and will finally tell you about it because found a picture in my vault!  My store was at Avenida Paranà 3693, neighborhood of Boa Vista. 

Curitiba Havan dept store front 2008

The store started its activities in 1986 in the city of Brusque (Santa Catarina state). From the beginning, the owner Luciano Hang showed a forward vision. The store that sold only fabrics, opened its doors to import, changed from segment to department store, expanded the number of branches, and today there are more than one hundred stores and it continues to grow.  Havan receives more than 110 million customers per year, who have at their disposal a mix of more than 100,000 national and imported products. The Havan dept store is represented by the brand’s symbol: the Statue of Liberty ! , which is much appreciated by all. The stores also have a food court, free parking and much more. This whole set makes Havan a center for tourism, leisure and shopping, and the most complete department store in Brazil.

It has range of products going from Decoration Articles, Beach and Camping, Toys, Bed, Table and Bath, Electronics, Tools, baby line, School supplies, Women’s, Men’s, Children’s Fashion , Carpets, and Household items. All under one roof, with a nice parking area.

The official Havan dept store webpage :

There you go folks, a dandy nice experience never to forget, and to boot I did the shopping on my own lol! I even bought gifts here for the family back home in France! The Havan experience was nice indeed.Hope you enjoy the post as I, memories forever!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers!!!

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