Porte Saint Nicolas of Beaune!

Here is another dandy of my road warrior trips so far missing from my blog. Time to remedy that with a post on the Porte Saint Nicolas of Beaune and a picture from my vault. This is a nice town that must be visited at least for the wine ambiance but plenty of architecture and history around. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

For the geographical and history incline in me; Beaune is in dept 21 of the Côte d’Or in the region of Bourgogne-Franche Comté of my belle France. It is about 313 km (194 mi) from Paris, and 743 km ( 461 mi) from my house now.

The Porte Saint-Nicolas was built between 1762 and 1770 on the site of an old fortified medieval gate. The project to build this new gate in the middle of the 18C was in relation with the project of the mayor Jean-François Maufoux to transform into a promenade the part of the ramparts going from the Porte Bretonnière gate to the Porte Saint-Nicolas gate. The door was not completed until May 10, 1770.


In 1792, during the French revolution, the coat of arms of Chavigny was destroyed and the inscription dated 1764, engraved on marble, was removed and replaced by painted and engraved inscriptions: Porte de la Fédération on the pediment, La Nation, La Loi (law), Le Roi (king) on the right, Liberty and Equality on the left. In 1844, the wooden door being in complete state of vestuté, the municipal council decides to replace it by an iron gate, done in 1847, The iron gates of the city gates were sold in 1869. In 1866, to clear the gate, the rampart was cut, the granting office and the porter’s house destroyed. The current gate is in limestone, it has the shape of a triumphal arch. With a beautiful aesthetic, it presents obelisks, cartridges, garlands, medallions, and muzzles of lions.

This monumental Porte St Nicolas or Gate, provides access from the Faubourg to rue de Lorraine. You can come from the suburbs of Beaune on its rocade entry Bd Maréchal Foch or D974 road ; once inside Beaune city proper you are on Rue de Lorraine, Immediately on your left you will the Theater of Beaune and on your right the Oratory Chapel and onward to old city center monuments.

The Friends of the Ramparts of Beaune assoc has more on the Porte St Nicolashttp://www.remparts-beaune.fr/les-visites-des-remparts-de-beaune/la-porte-saint-nicolas/

The city of Beaune on its historyhttps://www.beaune-tourism.com/discover/the-gateways-to-pays-beaunois/epicurean-beaune

The Beaune tourist office on its heritagehttps://www.beaune-tourism.com/discover/the-gateways-to-pays-beaunois/epicurean-beaune

There you go folks, an interesting gate in old Beaune, a lot more than wines I said. Hope you enjoy this post on the Porte Saint Nicolas, great to walk it and us drive under it too!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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