Church Saint Florentin of Amboise!!

I like this town, Amboise, go there often get my wines, shop in the market and take a tour around its castle and clos lucé. However, I love the banks of the Loire and anything around it and here you have the wonderful Church Saint Florentin, which is many times use for exhibitions only and not service. It is an impressive building especially at night. I like to update this post for you and me.

The Church Saint-Florentin is a parish church in the city of Amboise in dept 37 of Indre-et-Loire, in the Centre-Val de Loire region, located in the old town and at the foot of the royal castle next to the Loire river.  The church was built at the request of king Louis XI so that the church of the castle ceases to be parish, for fear of diseases. Letters patent of June 7, 1473 granted for this part of the tax on salt for four years and the church is consecrated in 1484. There is little information, especially architectural  on the Church Saint-Florentin of  Amboise.

amboise ch st florentin side night dec15

The bell tower is adorned with a 16C Renaissance dome, and was donated by the Duke of Choiseul. The nave ends with a three-sided apse. The south door is adorned with an archivolt surmounted by an accolade accompanied by two pilasters which supported missing statues. The interior was transformed in 1876 with wooden vault replaced by a stone vault , and the single nave was divided into three. The stained glass windows in the choir and the nave were produced in 1956 by Max Ingrand. The son of François I and Queen Claude, born in 1518, was baptized in this church, The stained glass windows were destroyed during WWII and replaced by original works by Max Ingrand, who also works at the Saint-Hubert Chapel of the castle (see post).

The windows, centered around the representations of the Virgin, were made in 1956. The church is also decorated with ten statues, typical of the Sulpician art of the 19C. The vertical parts of the choir were not reworked in 1876, they are from the late 15C. Today ,it serves as a place of exhibitions.

amboise ch st florentin stained glass back dec15

The city of Amboise on the Church of Saint Florentin  as well as other things to see:

There you go folks, another dandy in beautiful Amboise, plenty to see here see my other posts on it. Hope you enjoy this post on the Church Saint Florentin, right next to the Loire river.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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