The Château de Cheverny ,and the hunting dogs !!!

One of the best fairy tail castles of the valley of the kings or Loire is Cheverny. It has to rank as one of our favorites over the years. We were there long ago with the whole gang and now came back missing our dear women mom and wife have passed away. It was a memorable strange visit with the boys, Dad Elio and our dog Rex. We came here essentially to find ourselves with the loving good memories of visiting the kennel and its hunting dogs. Let me tell you a bit more on it; hope you enjoy it as I!!!

My maternal grandfather Machingo as we called him was a hunter and had dogs. I remember still going out with him in his Jeep! Maybe that is why my love affair with dogs has continue, and still have my loving nice dog Rex a border collier/labrador breed or borador!!! 

cheverny castle kernel vide dec21

The kennels of Cheverny castle date from 1850 and are home to around a hundred Anglo-French tricolor dogs, from a cross between English Fox Hound and French Poitevins.


cheverny castle kernel dog dec21

The Château de Cheverny has the daily feeding at 17h which was not time for us to see it this time but did saw the dogs. This is the time of day when visitors can participate in the meal of the Cheverny pack who devoured in half an hour!

cheverny castle kernel dogs group dec21


The dogs have more than 2000 m2 of meadow (behind the bouquetier vegetable garden) to frolic in. Accustomed to living together in packs, they particularly appreciate the proximity of their fellows and often stay very close to each other. They eat between 400 grams and 1 kilo each day (depending on the time of year). They are washed and disinfected daily; the teams of the castle as well as a veterinarian ensure the well-being of the dogs throughout the year. Each year, around twenty puppies are born at the Cheverny castle, The baptism of puppies takes place once a year in May of the year following their birth. Do not hesitate to participate, by giving a name to one of the puppies of the Cheverny pack! You have until May 2023 to participate with given a name from the letter “T”;go ahead at the castle webpage.


The official Château de Cheverny on the kennel

For info, the Valley of the Loire Loir et Cher dept 41 tourist office on Cheverny:

There you go folks, figure need to put this one separate from the castle per se.  A wonderful kennel and loving hunting dogs so cute we love it. All in the beautiful Château de Cheverny given us lots of good memorable moments we enjoy remembering of it. Again, hope you enjoy too ,and get out a memorable moment in your visit as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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5 Comments to “The Château de Cheverny ,and the hunting dogs !!!”

  1. I visited Cheverny a long time ago, at that time there was not yet the Tintin exhibition, so I will have to go back. There are so many beautiful chateaux around the Loire that they need something to stand out and attract visitors. Tintin is a good idea.

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  2. If I remember well, a characteristic of Cheverny is having corridors with doors to rooms instead of ‘ensuite’ rooms.

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