Picturesque Cour Cheverny!

And we came back to this area after several years; this is the village of Cour Cheverny!  We have great memories of family visits, and I gather strenght to come back with the boys, my Dad and our dog Rex!

The town of Cour-Cheverny is located in the Loir-et-Cher department 41 of the Centre-Val de Loire region. The town is located about 10 km from Blois and about 15 km from the Château de Chambord. (see posts). Sitting about one km from the more famous Cheverny! (see posts)

Cour Cheverny hotel de ville dec21

A bit on the village rather than a town tell us that the first church was mentioned in 1145 under the dependence of the Abbey of Bourgmoyen. It was formerly under the diocese of Chartres, At the end of the Great War or WWI, a unit of the Signals Service of the United States Army, the “Signal Corps”, settled on the territory of the town and on that of the neighboring village of Cheverny. They publish an internal English-language journal called Toot-Sweet. Between January 29, 1939 and February 8, more than 3,100 Spanish refugees fleeing the collapse of the Spanish republic in front of Franco, arrived in Loir-et-Cher. Faced with insufficient reception facilities , 47 villages are called upon, including Cour-Cheverny. The Château de Cheverny, (see post) located in the neighboring town of Cheverny, became a popular tourist destination during the 20C, contributing to the tourist development of Cour-Cheverny.

Other things to see are the 6 castles of Château de Sérigny, Château la Sistière, Château Beaumont, Château Chantreuil, Château les Murblins and Château la Taurie. The 12C Saint-Aignan Church, remodeled in the 16-17C. The Cheverny forest, with a surface area of ​​2,502 ha, extends over 4 towns, Cheverny, Cour-Cheverny, Contres and Fontaines-en-Sologne.

We know from historians that this church dedicated to Saint-Aignan was built in the 11C or 12C at the latest ,The Church of Saint Aignan appears from 1145 among the possessions of the Abbey of Bourgmoyen de Blois. More exactly, it is about a priory – cure dependent on the canons regular of this abbey belonging to the order of Saint-Augustin ,mentioned in various papal Bulls, These various historical elements are thus likely to support the thesis according to which the Church Saint Aignan of Cour-Cheverny would have been part of a monastery. Unfortunately, we do not find any trace in our time of the existence of such a monastery even thus architecturally, the church having atypical architectural elements which suggest that it was originally a monastery church.

Cour Cheverny ch Saint Aignan front dec21
Cour Cheverny ch Saint Aignan altar dec21
The two portals from the 12C,and you see the transformations carried out in the 16-17C, which gave the church its present appearance, very different from the original one. Part of the primitive arches was widened, the central nave received rib vaults placed much lower , bearing the date of 1609, the last three bays of the aisle have been transformed and especially a bas-side was built in mirror ,which highlights the narrowness of the other two naves. Outside, the small onion bell tower was added in the 17C.

Cour Cheverny ch Saint Aignan nave left dec21

Cour Cheverny ch Saint Aignan nave back dec21

Oh did I tell you we stayed here! It was so good as only 850 meters from the Château de Cheverny and Tintin, the main reason we were here and see separate posts on them. We use the Hôtel Restaurant Saint Hubert (part of Logis de France chain we love it!) as a base and it was magical to say the least. Great facilities, wonderful friendly reception, talkative owner and just great food: we came back for a second sitting lol!!! We tried the Rosé and Red wine of the Domaine le Portail of Cheverny of course.The hotel resto webpage:

For the memories we had;menus going from roasted quail to steaks,with Cheverny Rosé wine and tiramisu agrumes etc; then for dinner we had roasted quail, quiche lorraine, steaks, choucroute royale, etc with Cheverny Red wine, ice cream of different flavors. Coffees.22 Euros menus. Sublime!!!

Cour Cheverny auberge st hubert entr dec21

Cour Cheverny auberge st hubert lobby chimney dec21

Cour Cheverny auberge st hubert dining room dec21

The Blois Chambord tourist office on Cour Cheverny

The town of Cour Cheverny on its history/heritage

There you go folks, a dandy ride into a wonderful Centre Val de Loire region we love it ,the valley of the kings of France! There is so much to see here along, you can spend a lifetime, me I am trying harder..Stay tune for more and for now enjoy Cour Cheverny!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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