The Napoléon I Museum of Fontainebleau ! Part I

Well not my cup of tea as I have mentioned in my previous posts but need to see it at least once for the history of it. And of course, visiting the beautiful,historical, architecturally stunning Château de Fontainebleau  in my nostalgic dept 77 Seine-et-Marne in the ïle de France region is a must. Again written many posts on it and a very attaching castle for me and my family but feel need to tell you more about the goodies inside. I like to update this older post on a museum of a controversial figure in history; the Napoléon I Museum, part I. Hope you enjoy the post as I


After much debate, this museum was opened in 1986, and built on two levels at the same princely apartments located in the Louis XV wing. For security reasons, the collections were repatriated on the only first floor. It is therefore a condensed presentation of these priceless furniture, paintings, weapons, art, goldsmith’s, ceramics, costumes, historical documents and souvenirs, covering the period of Napoléon I.

A museum entirely devoted to Napoléon Bonaparte was thus created in Fontainebleau, its aim being to present a view of the self name emperor and his family. It was set up in the part of the château which had been restored by Napoleon I in 1810 and which before that restoration (from 1803 to 1808) had been the headquarters of the the special military academy, later known as Saint-Cyr. The exhibition begins by introducing Napoléon and Josephine and the splendour of the imperial regime, before turning to Marie-Louise, the King of Rome and Napoléon’s mother, as well as his brothers and sisters, all of whom played a part during this period. Special attention has been paid to the fabric on the walls and furniture in order to present the portraits, the memorabilia, the arms, the china, the gold and silver objects and the items of clothing in luxurious surroundings.


The collections are largely derived from the succession of the Imperial family, the Prince Napoléon descending from Jérôme de Westphalia, younger brother and last heir of Napoleon I (heir as Napoléon V, I must mentioned had met Princess Napoléon his wife at the Institut de France event) ,that allow the evocation of Napoléon ,emperor between 1804 and 1815, from his family and in particular of his brothers, sovereigns in Europe. The meeting of an important gallery of portraits introduced to the course which successively presents the coronation, the splendours of the imperial table, the siblings and the diplomatic gifts, a campaign tent, the daily life of an emperor-soldier, the Empress Marie-Louise and then the heir, the king of Rome.



The Napoléon I Museum has been renovated and improved with new lighting and redesigned Museography, the museum acquired 88 new pieces, bringing to 650 the number of exhibits on 700 m2 in the Louis XV wing of the château. Among these new treasures is a Cabaret, a Sèvres porcelain tea service representing the members of the Imperial family. Property since the 1930s of the Baron-Cohen family.


The official Château de Fontainebleau on Napoléon

The official Château de Fontainebleau on the museum of Napoléon

The official Napoléon’s family imperial webpage (in English/French):

It is always wonderful nostalgic , words cannot describe my coming here each time. The castle is very nice and show the history of France and the Bonaparte’s family of France, and Europe. An educational as well as historical take back in time at the Napoleon I Museum of Fontainebleau.

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. A museum that I would happily visit and enjoy.

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