Curiosities of the Jardin du Luxembourg!!!

Ok so looking back again, saw several of my posts on the Jardin du Luxembourg of Paris. As often happenning lately, saw several pictures of mine not in those posts! Therefore, they need to be in it, this is a must garden to visit while in Paris or nearby! Let me tell you about some curiosities of the Jardin du Luxembourg!!!

One of the grand site of my eternal Paris. Coming here since neons times and then with my boys to ride the boats in the basin, and more. Coming for work, I even stop by bus 82 to take glimpses of it. It is a sublime garden park, that is the Jardin du Luxembourg of Paris!!!

paris jar lux trail observatoire to senat feb14

The Luxembourg garden was created in 1612 at the request of Marie de Médicis to accompany the Luxembourg Palace. It has been the subject of a restoration under the second empire and now belongs to the domaine of the Senate of France. It covers 23 hectares of which 21 are open to the public. In 2010, the Senate delegated the management of the museum to the Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais with the mission of organizing exhibitions there.

The Senat (senate) of France is entered by the 15 Rue de Vaugirard also the closest to the petit luxembourg, orangerie, museum. It can be reach by Metro Odéon lines 4 and 10, Maubillon line 10, and St Germain des Prés line 4, also, RER B stop Luxembourg-Senat.Several bus lines stop here I have taken bus 82 leaving you at rue de Médicis corner with Rue Soufflot you have a view of the Panthéon, ,The Medicis fountain is best reach by Rue de Médicis near the RER B station and bus stop 82 ! By the Observatoire entrance west or ouest (fr) on rue Auguste Comté I have often found on street parking !

paris jar lux senat front feb14

paris jar lux observatoire entr rue auguste comte feb14

The Senat (never been but did twice the Assemblée Nationale) debates, usually on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, are open to the public. Those wishing to attend must obtain an invitation from a senator . With this invitation ticket and an identity card, they must then go to the Senat reception at 15, rue de Vaugirard. Access to the session is guaranteed subject to availability. Alternatively, you can ask the Paris tourist office for a guided visit. The official Senat of France on the garden heritage

paris jar lux left back side feb14

The Orangerie built in 1839 is located in the Allée Delacroix ; in the summer the Orangerie serves as temporary exhibitions. The current orangerie, located in the western part of the garden, dates from 1839. It houses around 180 crate plants including 60 citrus fruits, mainly sour orange (34 bitter oranges), but also date palms (19 phoenix, 7 chamaerops), oleanders (46) and pomegranates (24). The finest and oldest specimens of sour orange are exhibited every year in the garden, from May to October, along the southern facade of the Palace. Their age is estimated to be around 250 to 300 years.

paris jar lux orangerie Feb14

The Carrousel du Jardin du Luxembourg turned for the first time in 1904. In 1906 he was celebrated in a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. The music kiosk is closer by the RER B stop on Rue de Médicis , The oldest merry-go-round in Paris is hidden in the shade of the chestnut trees of the Jardin du Luxembourg. Inaugurated in 1879, it is built to the plans of Charles Garnier, four years after the architect completed the Opera which bears his name. 22 white, brown and black horses, three pairs of deer, an elephant, giraffes and two cradles make up this sublime rotating machine, but that’s not all! Beyond making the delighted children twirl, the merry-go-round is also a set of rings to the delight of the little ones who twist themselves to unhook the hanging rings.The pic is not the carrousel could not find it, but have one on the kiosque à musique or gazebo bandstand, where music concerts and cultural events are held and it was built in 1888.

paris jar lux canopy rotonda feb14

Robert Desarthis created the first puppet theater in France in 1933! Indeed, the theater of the Jardin du Luxembourg  is the only room devoted only to puppets. In 1930, the first turning point: it obtained the concession of Parc Montsouris. He created the “Guignolia” theater, the first of its kind built in hard. In 1932, the company gave a series of performances at the Paris theater. The same year, the little wooden Guignol in the Luxembourg garden, falling into ruins, was razed by order of the Senate. The children of Senate employees were gathered to applaud the three shows and thus choose the lucky candidate for the concession. Tournament winner: Robert Desarthis with “Reviens Guignol”. It was the second turning point. In April 1933, the theater finally had its puppet theater. It was in 1933! To this day, it is still the only theater of its kind. 275 seats, machinery ahead of its time, a proscenium for attractions, an orchestra pit, a projection room, an advanced sound system, 150 projectors, a system engineer … string puppet. Today, puppets, sets and accessories are countless. Translated from the official webpage, a unique theater my boys like it, maybe yours too.  The official Theater of Luxembourg garden

paris jar lux thea du lux feb14

And one caught while passing at night!  The Davioud Pavilion at 55 bis rue d’Assas, inside the Jardin du Luxembourg was formerly called the buffet de la Pépinière in 1867, this pavilion, originally a café-restaurant, was built by Gabriel Davioud. The small building now houses free public lessons of the Luxembourg Horticultural School, as well as the lectures given by the association of court auditors , and by the central beekeeping society. In summer, the Davioud pavilion hosts various exhibitions of artists, painters, sculptors, visual artists, Who was Mr Davioud ? Well he was the Inspector general of architectural works of the city of Paris, and chief architect in the service of walks and plantations working under the direction of Baron Haussmann, sculptor, and landscape designer, We ,also ,owe him, the fountain very close to the garden of the Observatory , surmounted by the sculpture by Carpeaux “The four parts of the world”, the two theaters on the Place du Châtelet, and the Saint-Michel fountain, He will also draw the plans for the Champs-Elysées gardens, the gates of the Parc Monceau, the magasins réunis or stores together on the Place de la République, the fountain of the water tower on the Place Daumesnil, the Palais du Trocadéro (now destroyed), entrance pavilions in the Bois de Boulogne, Nice architecture layout for this building indeed ! I translated the above from The Senat on the  Davioud pavillion:

paris jar lux Pavillon Davioud night feb14

Some webpages to further help you plan your trip and is a must are:

The city of Paris on the garden

The Paris tourist office on the garden

There you go folks, always a happening place, full of Parisians and visiting families fun for all and a must to visit while in Paris. The jardin du Luxembourg are sublime. Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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