The Fortress of Chinon!!

So here I continue in lovely Chinon and after some other things to see, let me tell you about the Fortress of Chinon. They are plenty of things to see and been all over by car and on foot. The architecture , history and just plain medieval ambiance are tops. Anyway for this road warrior , Chinon is just 3h15 with tolls or 3h45 without tolls, from my house and we will be back!

Chinon fortress from parking to entr nov21

For geographical reference at least, Chinon is located in the Indre-et-Loire department, 37 in the Centre-Val de Loire region. 47 km from Tours, 30 km from Saumur, 80 km from Angers, 85 km from Poitiers, and 305 km from Paris, Also about 314 km (about 195 miles) from my house. We like to go on the D751 linked to Tours, which partly bypasses the city.

Chinon fortress entr bridge to castle nov21

The main thing to see here is the Royal Fortress of Chinon located on the rocky outcrop dominating the right bank of the Vienne river and the city. The whole is divided into three distinct parts, which the kings called their “three castles”, and which appear in a stylized way, in the form of three towers, on the coat of arms of the city. the spur is blocked by a series of ditches which separate the three castles: Fort du Coudray, Chateau du Milieu, and Fort Saint-Georges, each with an independent enclosure. The main buildings, including the royal residences, as well as the Saint-Melaine Chapel were located in the main castle, the Château du Milieu. The entrance to the Château du Milieu, which forms the central part of the ensemble, is via the Clock Tower, built in the 14C, the moat that separates the Château du Milieu from Fort Saint Georges was once spanned by a bridge of wood leading to a drawbridge. A stone bridge replaced it. A new building, integrated into the site, houses the reception, the shop, the ticket office and an exhibition hall. An archaeological site prior to the work allowed the exploration of nearly 4,000 m2 and brought to light the palace built by King Henry II Plantagenet around 1160, as well as several towers and a chapel.

Chinon fortress tour entr nov21

Chinon fortress tour ronde patio nov21

Chinon fortress tour ronde back nov21

Jeanne D’Arc, indeed, arrived in Chinon on February 23, 1429 after 470 km covered in 11 days on her horse. There were two interviews in Chinon, the first in the bedroom of King Charles VII, two days after Joan of Arc’s arrival in Chinon. It was subsequently housed in the keep of Coudray. After an assembly of women chaired by the Queen of Sicily verified the virginity of the Maid of Orleans. She is sent to Poitiers by the King so that specialists can judge her good faith. Once the procedure is over, King Charles VII receives her again at the Royal Fortress of Chinon. It is within this that Joan of Arc made the promise to lead the king to the coronation, and victory!

Chinon fortress jeanne d'arc recog charles vii as king in room nov21

Chinon fortress logis royales nov21

The City of Chinon on its heritage

The official Château fortress of Chinon

The Touraine Val de Loire tourist office on the fortress of Chinon

There you go folks a wonderful old fortress castle that is still imposing  and pretty in gorgeous Chinon. This is a must and worth the detour indeed. Hope you enjoy it as I did! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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