And again Curitiba, Brazil!!

As there is not enough of Brazil in my blog, need to tell you a bit more on Curitiba with new found pictures. Therefore, this will be new text and old pictures to show you again Curitiba, Brazil!! Hope you enjoy as I.

I am totally surprise not told you more of my stayed for 3 months in the Mercure Hotel Batel, Rua Alferes Angelo Sampaio, 1177, Curitiba, in Paranà State, Brazil. I believe had mentioned in other posts on the city but not enough me think.  So many memories here,and so grandly treated by staff, from front desk , rooms and valet parking! I even left my wallet in the car and was return same day by the valet parking staff. I gave them a big tip at the end , and they were moved, I was too!  The hotel is located in the most upscale area of the city, where modern shopping centers, bars and restaurants are 17.6 km from the airport. The Mercure Curitiba Batel hotel is 5 minutes from the city center and features modern apartments with free Wi-Fi, international cuisine restaurant, fitness area, swimming pool and differentiated service, which make the experience more pleasant. It is in the neighborhood of Batel (the best) and very close to nice shopping/eating places such as Crystal Shopping Center (centre commercial) – 7 min on foot, Praça do Japao or Japan square 8 min on foot , Center commercial Novo Batel – 9 min on foot , Center commercial de Curitiba – 9 min on foot ,Centre commercial Patio Batel – 12 min on foot, and praça da Espanha (Spain square) 13 min on foot and Rua 24 Horas – 14 min on foot, Great location indeed. Webpage:

curitiba mercure hotel batel my hotel jul08

One of most used streets in Curitiba, in and out and around was Rua Padre Agostinho , a street going from ave Manuel Ribas going to the Passeio Publico city center to the Praça Federico Uzanam and Rua Gen Mario Tourinho, where the Ipiranga gas station is located even thus the sites tells you is Rua Padre Agostinho, 1540,this is in the neighborhood /district of Bigorrilho,further on you reach the parque Barigui. My gas/petrol stop always on full tank you know it!!  Ipiranga is a big chain of service stations here with services, such as Gas stations, Convenience store network, Oil change services, Mileage program, Electronic payment of tolls and fuel, etc. Their official webpage on finding service stations in Brazil:

curitiba ipiranga gas station Rua Padre Agostinho jul08

And this one will put here as was my best and most visited park while there, always a blast, and opportunity to meet collegues in the park with their families, nice memories indeed.  The Barigui Park is named after the Barigui River, which was repressed to form a large lake in its interior. It is among the largest in the city, being also one of the oldest. Several species of animals live free in the park, such as birds, capybaras and small rodents. A flock of sheep can also be seen daily in the low fields, under the care of staff. The most visited park and one of the oldest in the city was created in 1972 with the intention of containing the floods and preserving the native forest of the Barigui River basin in the region.

curitiba parque Barigui cafe jul08

At the time of the founding of the village of Nossa Senhora da Luz dos Pinhais, (current Curitiba) the area where the park is located was a sesmaria or old donations of land. Ancient documents cite this locality with the denomination of Mariqui and the current name is a reference to the river itself that crosses the park and that means “River of the thorny fruit ” in the indigenous language, alluding to the fruit of the pine.

Curitiba parque Barigui view from tower panoramica 2008

The total area is of 1.4 million square meters with the lake taking 230K square meters. There is a helicopter landing strip, public bathrooms and plenty of parking for cars.   Wide lanes, round the lake and other parts, for hiking and jogging. Outdoor equipment for gymnastics and stretching. Kiosks with barbecues.   Bike trails and aeromodelling. Multi-Sport fields. Exclusive track for bicycles and skates, around the lake. Hiking trails inside the park woods. Bars and restaurants. A Gym. Curitiba Automobile Museum (wonderful).   Exhibition center of Curitiba (Barigüi Park), pavilion with 10000 square meters of area and high platforms of 6 meters, destined to exhibitions and conventions. Hall of Acts of the city/town hall. And headquarters of the Municipal secretariat of the Environment. An auto museum is right in the entrance (see post). Overall, simply the best park and love it; great memorable moments there to last a lifetime and now in my blog to keep the memories alive. 

The city of Curitiba on the parque Barigui:

There you go folks, a really memorable city of Curitiba for me. Lots of good memories and many friends still in touch! Would love to be able to be back , time is of the essence! Hope you enjoy the post, and do read my many posts on Curitiba, State of Paranà in Brazil in my blog.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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