On the road in Sao Paulo State of Brazil!!!

Ah these are pictures I found not yet in my blog, and reminds me of driving in big beautiful Sao Paulo State of Brazil!!! The post is in memory of those friends who drove me, let me drive their cars, and always there when needed. On the road in Sao Paulo State of Brazil!!!

I had the opportunity over the years to visit many many times the country and once even lived there in the State of Paranà, learning the language. I would love to tell you about my road warrior thrills in the State of Sao Paulo. I visited the capital city of the State , Sao Paulo in one of my first ever visit to Brazil back in around 1988, and of course, always landed at the Guarulhos airport.

The Rodovia Fernão Dias (Highway) is the name given to the BR-381 in the stretch between two Brazilian metropolitan regions: Grande São Paulo and Grande Belo Horizonte. It was only in 1961 that the highway been fully completed, with the completion of works on the São Paulo stretch. The trafic passing through the BR-381, represent an average circulation of more than 15 thousand vehicles , between buses, trucks and cars per day. In addition, 25% of the population of Minas Gerais lives and works in its area of influence.

SP tunnel mata fria on hwy Sul to airport jun12

Arteris, the rodovia management company and the Federal Government signed on February 14, 2008 the concession contract for 25 years for the management and operation of the Fernão Dias Highway (BR-381), with 562 km in length, The main cities crossed by the highway in Sao Paulo State, city of Sao Paulo and Guarulhos (airport) ; while in Minas Gerais State are my Trés Coraçoes, and Varginha. There are others , these are the one I have driven on.

The Arteris road management company on the rodovia Fernäo Diashttps://www.arteris.com.br/rodovias/fernao-dias/

Along this rodovia Fernäo Dias we stopped for food at a roasted chicken chain Rede Frango Assado at the location Rodovia Fernão Dias, KM 888, Cambuí – Minas Gerais! Official chain webpage: https://www.redefrangoassado.com.br/ 

sao paulo frango asado rodovia fernan dias rest stop to tres coracoes may17

sao paulo frango asado dining rodovia fernan dias rest-stop to tres coracoes may17

There you go folks, a nice short but memorable road warrior adventure into country Brazil. The Fernao Dias will be remembered and thanks to wordpress and my blog will be here for a long while to tell you all about it!! Hope you enjoy it as I always will.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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