Curiosities of Poitiers!

So we came back to Poitiers about 4 hours from home by car ,nice easy ride along marvelous roads, and we left early to have the most of the day, sunny cool nice. I have written an introduction to Poitiers so will now run a series of posts on what we saw and enjoy it. Oh for the geographical buff, Poitiers is in dept Vienne no 86 of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

In this post I will put up some miscellaneous spots me think that makes a trip to Poitiers worth it. I will start with getting there. Well we went on the N165 past Nantes hook up with the A83 and then the A10 to Poitiers Centre and after doing some walks and sighseeing with on street parking around the rue Jean Jaurés, we went for the underground parking of the Centre Commercial des Cordeliers shopping center at Rue Henri Oudin for convenience we like. For info the underground parking was 8.80€ the day, and the tolls were 17,30€ each way. I usually do not like to pay tolls but for one day and fast road it is worth it.

Poitiers cc cordeliers entr parking oct21

Poitiers centre commercial Cordeliers oct21

Before on the way in the A83 we stop at the Vendée 85 rest stop for a nice breakfast of coffee, orange juice, one croissant and one pain au chocolat! Very nice indeed.For info the cost was 36€ for five persons.

Vendee aire de vendee A83 to poitiers stop breakfast oct21

We did go straight to the market which is very nice, the marché Notre Dame in lively  Place Charles de Gaulle ; this is open from 6h to 14h Tuesdays to Saturdays. Recommended!! We got our goat cheeses here very famous in this area and found a nice Mexican lady already in France for 20 years who has a stand selling delicious home made Mexican food, and we got our chicken and beef empanadas, and lychéé sodas! We had a nice conversation on A la Mexicana cuisine Mexicaine! 

Poitiers marche notre dame ent oct21

Poitiers marche notre dame goat cheeses purchase oct21

poitiers marche Notre dame a la mexicana 20 yrs oct21

Poitiers marche notre dame a la mexicana empanadas mex lady oct21

The Poitiers tourist office on the markets

The Place Charles de Gaulle is one of the most important and largest square in the city of Poitiers. It is on this square that you will find the city’s indoor (and outdoor, depending on the day) market, the tourist office, the most famous church in Poitiers (see post later) and also many bars and restaurants. If you are by car, you can park in the car park of the same name which is located at the entrance to the square. At night and on Sundays, parking costs only 50 cents. The Place Charles de Gaulle, formerly known as Place du Marché Notre-Dame, unveils a splendid collection of half-timbered houses. All very nice indeed!

Poitiers pl Charles de Gaulle by ND grande ch oct21

We were hungry of course, and time to eat, might as well put it on this post. As things goes around our house lately…I had pinpoint a place to eat before leaving the house which will remain nameless as when we arrive we saw the Factory and it was an instant hit. We had our late lunch here at 31 Rue du Marché Notre Dame not far from the market, the ND church, tourist office and central Poitiers, a lively area of many stores, restos and the university of Poitiers hangouts. We love it!! As it goes had my double wrap goat cheese, with a couple rounds of Tigre Bok blonde beers, and fries, and passionfruit cheesecake with café au lait!! all for about 23€ per person, nice. The place was popping and service was friendly nice and fast! To be repeated. webpage:

Poitiers factory resto bar oct21

Poitiers factory resto dining room oct21

Poitiers factory resto tigre bock beers oct21

The Sainte-Croix museum is the largest museum in the city of Poitiers. Built in 1974, it stands in the place of the former Sainte-Croix abbey, today in Saint-Benoît. It is a vast structure of concrete and glass, in the purest brutalist style of the 1970s. It also has the particularity of being built on a former excavation site in its Archeology department. The first museum in the city of Poitiers was established in 1820. It then moved to the ground floor of the new city/town hall built at the end of the Second Empire. We did not go in as really brutal but for the must art lover, we passed by and here it is.

Poitiers mus ste croix side oct21


Poitiers mus ste croix front oct21

The city of Poitiers on the museum

The Vienne dept 86 tourist office on the museum in English :

There you go folks, a nice town we should had come back earlier but there is always tomorrow and glad we finally reach it again. It brought nice memories of our first visit to Poitiers and the ND church and Futuroscope park as well as the Campanile hotel in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou , a town just outside nearer the park. Hope you enjoy the post as we did!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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