Le P’tit Mousse and Le Bono!!

Ok so I say I come by the town of Le Bono in my beautiful Morbihan and my lovely Bretagne often. I was just by there again, see posts. However, I was aware of a small bar here we came the first time and always look for it when in Le Bono. This time was no different.

I have little to tell you , just that I came with my dear late wife Martine on happier times. This time came without her, just my boys and Dad for a memorable moment and a glass of beer, just for the memories of always. There are a lot spots like this in my life and love to document them in my blog. Hope you enjoy the post as I, even if just a small bar.

le bono

We were in town to walk around, stretch our legs and get some fresh air from the neary ria du Bono river flowing into the Gulf of Morbihan which in turns flows into the Atlantic ocean. As said, Le Bono is nice. And we sat for pint of Grimbergen blonde, Carlsberg, beers while looking at the crowd of folks passing by right in city center. Ah yes, this is the now famous…Le P’tit Mousse!

le bono le petit mousse bar front oct21

Le P’tit Mousse has a large choice of draft beers and small dishes/snacks. It is located in city center at 11 Rue du Port and opens every day from as early of 8h30 to 22h each day.

le bono le petit mousse bar beers grim carlb et nonalc oct21

The city of Le Bono on its businesses including Le P’tit Moussehttps://www.lebono.fr/pratique/commercants-artisans/

Well, I wrote about restos before in my blog, but this is I believe the first time on a bar per se. It is nice, friendly service, very courteous folks especially taking my Dad. Enjoy the pictures of this memorable spot already in my beautiful Morbihan. It would be a perfect spot to have a beer with you all visiting the area, just hallow!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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