Curiosities of Orléans!!!

While coming from Chartres on the N154/D2020 (the D2020 old N20 we took so many times (memory gleen in my eyes) to Orléans a wonderful trip to see another of our nice cities long while not revisited until now, First thing, first, we headed for our hotel.

The Hôtel Saint Aignan, 3 place Gambetta is close to all amenities (shops, cultural and administrative places) in Orléans, The Saint-Aignan is a hotel, with modern architecture, newly renovated, with an elevator. It is 200 meters from the Saint-Aignan SNCF train station, the proximity with the abundance of places to visit such as the imposing Place du Martroi, and the House of Joan of Arc. The Gothic Sainte-Croix Cathedral is just 900 meters away and the iconic streets of Bourgogne or Empereur are a few hundred meters away.This was a great find centrally located , we parked underground there, and walk all over!!! We had a family room in the 4th floor all by ourselves!! webpage:

orleans hotel St Aignan front sep21

The city goes back several thousands years but the most important event was that took place with Jeanne d’Arc and its liberation on May 8 1429. Later after much destruction in WWII it was liberated again by Gen Patton of the US 3rd Army in 1945.  I have other posts with plenty of history so will spare this post with new text and pictures of our latest visit. As said, we did our usual walk around and got hungry really quick , so let’s start with that ok

Le Brin de Zinc is located at 62-64 rue Sainte Catherine. We were walking the beat after arriving at the hotel and passed by it on our way to the cathedral. We saw we like the ambiance and presentation and took reservation for the evening meal at 19h Great deal and glad we did. We were there with our dog Rex and all went well. The bistro propose at apéro time (sort of like happy hour/after work) dishes where you can share from different gastronomic themes . The ardoises or black board menus can be taken as entrées, and are very varied. You have several dishes to choose from from fish to meats, cocottes mussels, etc Le Brin de Zinc, also propose burgers, which I took the Zinc burger, and fries, A platter of café gourmand, and plenty of Licorne Alsacien beer pints ! A wonderful evening indeed. webpage:

orleans bistro musee le brin de zinc front sep21

The Church Saint Paterne at 112 rue Bannier was an easy one as it was diagonally from our hotel in place Gambetta. And what a nice discovery as the cult of Saint Paterne was introduced to Orleans by the Bretons!(see ch in Vannes 56) , fleeing the Norman invasions of the 10C. The church was once called Saint-Pouair. Until the French revolution Saint-Paterne will only be sheltered from the ramparts after the construction of the last enclosure between 1485 and 1555. This is why during the Hundred Years War, it will be destroyed twice a year. the people of Orleans themselves (in 1358 and 1428), fearing that the English would use the building as a stronghold. The church was rebuilt at the beginning of the 16C, and a brick tower was added to it, topped with a freestone dome. In 1562, the Huguenots beheaded the tower, then in 1567, demolished the church. In 1588, it was the turn of the Ligueurs to invest the parish. the duke of Mayenne, residing in Orleans, raise the inhabitants against the royal authority. Governor Balzac d’Entragues, who remained faithful to the king, shut himself up in the citadel at Porte Bannier. Mayenne then had the barely restored roof removed and the nave filled with earth and rubble to form an artillery platform intended to bombard the citadel. On January 31, 1589, Balzac fell back to Beaugency. In 1883, the choir, chapels, transept and sacristy were completed, and the church, inaugurated , and began to be used. In 1888, the construction of the nave began. The work, temporarily interrupted for lack of money, was resumed in 1892, and finally finished in 1894. On December 11 of that same year, the new church was solemnly consecrated ; however, current porch was fitted out and inaugurated in 1931 by the Bishop of Orleans! Some of the info above was taken from the Parish of dept Loiret on the Church St Paterne : webpage:

Orleans ch st Paterne front sep21

orleans ch st paterne side bd de verdun sep21

As we walked and cross these wonderful avenues, we saw the inevitable! The Gare d’Orléans or train station with a nice shopping center Place d’Arc as well as bus terminal all in one. The public transport TAO network in the area of Orléans métropole and connections between the train stations are:

orleans gare et shopping place d'arc sep21

We saw two nice tramways passing by but hesitate on taken them as we were walking, simply better. For the memories the tramways , first one passing Rue Royale and the other one Place du Martroi. They too use the TAO network above. I always come to Orléans by

We took again a look at the wonderful Hôtel Groslot a 16C ( 1550-1555) mansion built for Jacques Groslot, bailiff of Orléans. The house, also called the Great House of the Steps, House of the Governor, or the Stewardship was successively a mansion and then the city/town Hall of Orléans and today welcomes the celebration of the weddings (see post). The Orléans tourist office on the Hôtel Groslot:

orleans hotel groslot front sep21

orleans hotel groslot inside side sep21

The Maison de Jeanne d’Arc  rebuilt to identical after its destruction with the bombings of WWII. This traditional, four-story, wood-framed, wooden-brick townhouse with cross-windows with mullions and stained glass, and slate roof, was the home of Jacques Boucher, treasurer General of Prince Charles I of Orléans (Duke of Orléans and Duke of the Valois 1394-1465.  Joan of Arc spent several weeks there, when she helped to liberate the city heroically, between April 29 and May 9, 1429, during the siege of Orléans, which pitted the coalition of the Kingdom of England and the Burgundian state against the Kingdom of France. (see post). The city of Orléans on the house museum:

orleans maison jeanne d'arc sep21

The city center around the place du Martroi, is wonderful central square where all goes on, The place du Martroi, symbolic heart of the city has a huge equestrian statue of Jeanne d’Arc where she is bigger than the horse, at WWII this sculpture was partially destroyed and it was rebuilt by sculptor Paul Belmondo ,father of the famous actor Jean-Paul Belmondo (recently passed away). There is ,also, a wonderful carrousel here , and criss cross by a multitude of public transport like tramways! You need to be here!!

orleans pl Martroi statue jeanne d'arc sep21

Most of the information above is taken from the wonderful regional site of Orléans Metropôle here in English:

The dept 45 Loiret tourist office on Orléans in French:

There you go folks, a dandy town of Joan! and a lot more of course! This is Orléans and we love the city, should be back soon,again. Hope you enjoy the brief tour and see my other fuller posts on it. It is worth your detour , recommended.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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