Le Carton Voyageur- Musée de la Carte Postale of Baud!!

I have written on this museum before in my blog ; however, today was heritage days in France or journées du patrimoine and entrance was free, and we took advantage to come back again, It is a nice detour me think, Baud is just up the alley from me on the D768 and we have come here often.

The Quatro is the new cultural hub of Baud. This brings the Museum in as the Le Carton Voyageur- Musée de la Carte Postale ; a museum of postcards, The property occupies an area of 310 m2 of which 220 m2 of exhibition spaces, in addition to the 20 m2 of reserve.

baud mus le carton voyageur ent sep21

baud mus le carton voyageur top to entr below sep21

As basically this was a chance to have interior pictures of the new place as the previous location in city center Baud could not find the pictures, Therefore, as not to repeat the text will be short.

baud mus le carton voyageur machine read photos sep21

baud mus le carton voyageur religion sep21

The Le Carton Voyageur invites you to stroll through Brittany back and front. Through the eye of the photographer and the millions of correspondence exchanged, you will relive the daily life of Bretons in a unique way; a journey through the front and back of Brittany , It is a contemporary museography and interactive with sounds, videos, designs, objects, photos, and music, The postcards are from 1898 to our days,It show Brittany as it is a land of traditions, sea, and religion.

baud mus le carton voyageur cartes postales sep21

baud mus le carton voyageur cartes postales breton sep21

The  Le Carton Voyageur Museum has a room of 170 m2 for its current exhibition « Echappées Photographiques Bretonnes »,You see the exhibition of Jean Eveno and Yvon Kervinio thru September 30 2021 . The thousands of landscapes and scenes of everyday life immortalized by photographers and the many correspondence exchanged are all testimonies to the life of our ancestors.

baud mus le carton voyageur inside ent sep21

baud mus le carton voyageur breton identity sep21

Le Carton Voyageur Museum has presented a database called Cartolis, allowing a search by places or keywords, the zoom on maps, the ordering of reproductions, the creation of personal albums, the annotation of maps and the sending of virtual postcards. It has more than 87 000 documents available on Cartolis which is regularly updated. The Cartolis webpage: https://www.cartolis.org/

The official Le Carton Voyageur museum webpage: https://www.lecartonvoyageur.fr/

It is a very nice interesting museum showing traditions and costumes of Brittany at their best even model dresses and ceramics as well as a great introduction to postcards. It is worth a detour and even great for me as in my other life was a postcard collector and still almost a thousand left of many countries in my vault. Enjoy the Le Carton Voyageur-Musée de la Carte Postale in Baud!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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