The Automatons and Miniature Models museums of La Rochelle!!!

And as I am nostalgic these days of La Rochelle, let me continue showcase this city to you in my humble ways of my blog. The story not to be repeated is briefly mentioned in previous posts but fell a need to have a full post on them. See my introduction to the city and other posts on La Rochelle in my blog, Hope you enjoy it as I, and thanks for reading me since November 2010 !!!

La Rochelle is historical ,architectural, and great ambiance by the sea; however, it has other charms hidden from the casual visitor.  Let me show you more of the automatons and reduce models museums of La Rochelle. These museums next to each other and admission can be combine showcase all machines that can be manipulated like robots me think huh! and miniature models of cities events machines of many years back , superbe! They are very museums and very nice shown that you and the family should check it out. It is located at Rue de la Desirée, La Ville en Bois, just on the other side of the old harbor of La Rochelle, you can go on foot from there. As said, they are next to each other and a wonderful day of private museums family outing should be call for!

The Museum of Automatons, first of its kind in France and opened since 1984, has some prestigious items. It offers, to both small and large, the joy of observing a collection of old figurines from all over Europe. The research was meticulous: sales halls, antique shops, granaries, department stores… The result is up to par, with automatons dating from the 19C and those advertising of the 1950’s but also the historical reenactments like this district of Montmartre at the very beginning of the 20C, with its shops and showcases. This is awesome indeed.



The museum has more than 300 characters in motion: ancient, contemporary automatons, animated showcases, historical scenes,… that will enchant young and old. You will then be seduced by the presentation of numerous reproductions: automobiles, old boats…etc



The museum of reduce models or miniature models ,is one of the most important museums of this type at the regional level, as much by its exhibition area as by the number of exhibits and animations in place. The museum of reduce models comes from the assembly of different objects from a company created in 1959 and made sets for thematic exhibitions. Created in 1987 and located in the modern district of the Minimes between the old Port and the marina, this museum consists entirely of private collections, spread over a total area of 800 m2. It is the largest regional museum specialized in the theme of the toy and the model.



Through models and modelling and a varied animation, the museum presents among others: the Automobile (Rolls Royce torpedo Phantom 2). The history of navigation  (naval Model room, sound and visual reconstruction of a naval battle). The Railway (railway tracks including one outside the museum, famous model of La Rochelle station). The copy of the la couronne boat by Richelieu! The Museum of reduce models, also offers a journey into childhood in the small world of the imaginary. The visit is more classical and allows to admire in particular models of boats competing in a naval fight or evoking the great discoveries and of the railway circuits. Magical!




And a surprise for me a model copy of the tramway of Madrid, Spain! Announcing a sponsor in calle Arenal next to the Puerta del Sol!


The city of La Rochelle on the museums :

The official museums of La Rochelle on both:

There you go folks in all, the museums holds you for a whole day of family fun and away from the more famous old port areas of La Rochelle and into the real people neighborhoods. Bring snacks and bottle water as not too many places to eat around them.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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