Church of Notre-Dame-du-Taur of Toulouse!!

Pleasant to again update my older post and especially on one of my favorite cities of my belle France, Toulouse, the pink city.  Needless to tell you the many posts on it in my blog, and this one is a nice monument right off the Place du Capitole. Let me tell you a sort of introductory post on the Church of Notre-Dame-du-Taur of Toulouse!!


We have been here many many times and have posts on several monuments. However,  I think this one deserve more so will do a post on it alone; the first of a couple on the church.  The city is in the Haute Garonne department 31 of the region of Occitanie.  Hope you enjoy the post, and thanks for reading me since November 2010!

The Church of Notre-Dame-du-Taur (taur=horns in the local occitan language) is located at 12 bis rue du Taur, between the Place du Capitole and the Basilique Saint-Sernin, in the center Toulouse. The church, built between the 14C and the 16C is one of the principal monuments of Southern Gothic art. It is particularly famous for its high facade, a steeple-wall that fits into the buildings of the street. According to early Christian tradition, the church was built where the martyred body of Bishop Saturnin would have detached himself from the bull that dragged him thru the streets. A martyrium was built there by Bishop Hilaire, before being enlarged by his successor, Silve, at the end of the 4C.


Saint Saturnin was the first bishop of Toulouse, martyred in 250. An oratory was first installed for the pilgrims on the exact place of his death, by Saint Hilaire, third bishop of Toulouse, a brick vault surmounted by a small oratory built with ordinary material. An ancient tradition indicates that this oratory was located at the current location of the church.

The relics of the Saint were kept until 402, when they were transferred with great pomp to the Basilica of Saint-Sernin, which bears the altered name of Saint-Saturnin. The church we know was called until the 11C Church de Taur, probably because it was in the area that kept the memory of the race of the bull tied to Saint Saturnin. In the 12C, it is named Saint-Sernin du Taur. Finally we must wait until 1534 to take the current name for the benefit of the Virgin Mary. The church that we can admire today, and whose characteristic bell-wall is clearly visible from the heights of the city center, was built in the 14C. The maiden represented is Notre-Dame des Remparts, moved from the place Ville Nouvelle ,current place Wilson in 1783.


The western facade of the church, into which the portal opens, is enshrined in the line of houses. It is presented as a large brick wall, monumental bell-wall. If it is not the oldest of the region, it is one of the highest, since it rises to 42 meters. It comprises two levels framed by turrets and surmounted by a triangular pediment, which rise above the level of the church, marked by the withdrawal of the wall. Each level is pierced by three openings, called topped up, whose miter arches recall those of the bell tower of the Saint-Sernin  Basilica, and surmounted by crenellations. The carillon comprises thirteen bells, probably of the 15C.

The Toulouse tourist office on the church

There you go folks, another dandy in my belle France, and lovely territory of many memories from and with the family over the years. Again, very nice area ,hope you enjoy the post on the Church Notre Dame du Taur in Toulouse, the pink city!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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