Church Saint-Louis of Chambord!

This is a huge task to tell you about magical wonderful Chambord, and it does have a nice historical Saint Louis Church! I like to update this older post with fresh text and links, hope you enjoy it as I.

So most visitors rush to the Castle of Chambord (see posts) and there are several things to see around it especially wine producers and this wonderful archeturally and historically stunning little church. I like to tell you a bit and just a bit available of the Church of Saint Louis in the village of Chambord. The tour began with the Church of Saint Louis overlooking the castle on a small hill. In full view of the Château de Chambord.  Chambord is in department 41 of Loir-et-Cher in the region of Centre-Val-de-Loire near the Castle you find the city/town hall  at Place de la Mairie.


Although existing before the castle, the current Church of Saint Louis was built in 1666 under the name of St. Louis at the request of king Louis XIV. It is then enlarged in 1684. In the 19C, it is restored and remodeled for the Duchess of Berry and the Count of Chambord, ( grandson of king Charles X, chief and last representative of the elder French branch of the Bourbon House  could have been king Henri V ,if accepted the tricolor revolutionary French flag! He did not ,see post) the work lasted from 1830 to 1855. The bell tower was completed in 1855. The church was the property of the House of Bourbon-Parma until 1932 when the French State purchase it.


Inside the Church of Saint Louis, you see the wooden altar in the left chapel comes from the private oratory of the Count of Chambord.  It is surmounted by a tapestry showing the wish of Louis XIII. In the choir, there is the prier-god and the armchairs with the letters of the count and the countess or H and M-T (for Henri and Marie-Thérèse). The central stone altar measures 3.55 meters 1.20 meters. It is surmounted by a painting of Saint Louis painted by Le Hénaff in 1854. The altar of the right chapel is dedicated to the Virgin. The font is made of Carrara marble recovered from some fountain, are remarkable.


Its magnificent hexagonal bell tower lantern was built around 1855 was once a belfry and the sound of its bells warned villagers of the dangers . Built in a neo-renaissance style, the bell tower houses alcoves with shells of beauty and reveals its bell in the midst of fine and slender openings richly carved. The belfry counted a single bell of 1778, which would come from the tower of the bells of the castle of Chambord. The original 1778 bell was sold by Maître Savot by the Orléans sales gallery in 1996, to a private purchaser.


The Church of Saint Louis is open every afternoon except Wednesday  from 14h30 to 17h30. Due to the highly royal ambiance there is little information on the church; my only recollection is to have visited and a brochure.

There is the tourist office of Blois-Chambord with some info on the town the Mairie is the city/town hall and the church is opposite this gate you see in the picture:

The Grand Chambord webpage on its heritage:

There you go folks, hope you have enjoy it and do stop by when visiting the castle, another dandy off the beaten path of my belle France! The Church of Saint Louis is beautiful.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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