Church St John the Baptist of Langeais!

And we went back to the valley of the kings and the wonderful castles of my belle France. We have been to them when even visiting France but has taken me many years to be back; this was as good as any time to do this. We first went to the Château de Villandry and then the Château de Langeais! Let’s continue the tour with several posts,and now let me get off castles to tell you about the unique Church St John the Baptiste of Langeais! Hope you enjoy it as we!


The Church of Saint John the Baptist or Saint-Jean-Baptiste was built in the 11-12C, with the nave dates back to the 15C and the transept dates from the 19C.


The site was consecrated from the 4C by Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours who founded a first church in Langeais. The trace has disappeared. In the 10C, Foulques Nerra built a second church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist at the same time as its keep. This church has undergone many transformations over the centuries such as its apse was modified in the 11C, then the bell tower in the 12C. What to see well there is a 15C baptismal font, 17C Burgundian terracotta virgin, 10C crypt, monumental cast-iron Stations of the Cross from the “Barbezot” workshops.



The Church Saint John the Baptist consists of a single nave preceded by a bell tower, all from the 11-12C, and a choir with aisles ending in a main apse and two secondary apses from the same period. A transept was added in the second half of the 19C. On the north side, a 15C sacristy flanks the apsidiole and the aisle bay that precedes it. A small barrel vaulted crypt is located under the main apse.



The city of Langeais on the church

The Touraine Loire valley tourist board on the Langeais church

The official Saint Martin de Tours on the routes of the Saint on the church

There you go folks a wonderful and beautiful Langeais and its Church Saint John the Baptist! All about 3 hrs from our home which can be done in a day!! We got the hang of it and will be back for more castles which we love in natural setting with great food and wines of my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post as I did telling you about it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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