St Stephens’ Church of Villandry!

And we went back to the valley of the kings and the wonderful castles of my belle France. We have been to them when even visiting France but has taken me many years to be back; this was as good as any time to do this. We first went to the Château de Villandry and then the Château de Langeais! Let’s continue the tour with several posts,and now the St Stephens’ Church of Villandry or St Etienne! Hope you enjoy it as we!


As you can read the previous posts, we went for Villandry castle first ,but got in time for lunch and we had ours at the épicerie gourmande. However, just a bit up we saw the church and of course why not include it in this trip. A good idea indeed as the Church of St Etienne is worth the detour me think. Let me tell you a bit on it ok



The Saint-Etienne Church is the church of Villandry and is dedicated to Saint Etienne (Saint Stephens), the first martyr. The first chapel called Saint Roch dates from the 5C , and was destroyed around 1844. It was built halfway up the hill, and more than 300 meters from the castle. It had a rectangular chapel measuring 9 by 18 meters was built in the 11C. At the end of the 12C, the transept and the choir were added. The original chapel then becomes the nave of the new church.


In the 19C, Stéphanie Oudinot, wife of Baron Georges Tom Hainguerlot, then owner of the Château de Villandry, offered a tribune organ, the stained glass windows of the choir, the altars and two bells. A vast dome 6 meters in diameter is an architectural rarity in Touraine. A large Gothic window was built thanks to Jean le Breton (another Villandry castle owner and first) in 1532. A stained glass window was installed in 1543. It is in this same church that Joachim Carvallo was buried in 1936. He is the last owner and was a doctor and patron of Spanish origin, known for his restoration of the gardens and the Château de Villandry. The current owners of the castle are his descendents. To the right of the front gate, at the entrance, is a small platform, called an ambon, where public announcements were made in the Middle Ages.



Not much is written on the church, the above is translated from the French wikipedia site. Here is more of the same from the town of Villandry on the church

The Catholic parish of the Cher on its churches including in Villandry

There you go folks a wonderful and beautiful Villandry and its St Etienne Church! All about 3 hrs from our home which can be done in a day!! We got the hang of it and will be back for more castles which we love in natural setting with great food and wines of my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post as I did telling you about it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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