Notre Dame of the Assomption of the Virgin Church of St Jean Pied de Port!

Now this is a wonderful town we like a lot and visited couple times. Road warrior trip up the steep mountains in the Pyrénées chain is awesome. However, once in St Jean Pied de Port, the wonders appeared in your face so nice. One of the meeting point of the route to St James or Santiago on the French road or Camino Francés. Let me update this older post on the Notre Dame of the Assomption of the Virgin Church of St Jean Pied de Port! Enjoy it as I.


So now, I take you deep south of France near the Spanish border and the wonderful Pyrénées and a wonderful city which took us a nice ride on the tops of the mountains peaks for the scenic ride !  I have written several posts on the town and its marvels but I believe the Church deserves a post of its own. The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin. Oh yes of course ,this is in deep Saint Jean Pied de Port  in the Pyrénées-Atlantique dept 64 of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region!


The church, formerly Notre-Dame du Bout du Pont is currently Church of the Assumption-of-the-Virgin located by the ramparts at 2 Rue de la Citadelle.  Among the many churches, Notre-Dame Church of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, integrated into the ramparts at the bottom of the main street where the fortified bridge is actually the steeple bell tower. The foundations date from the 13C, is one of the most important Gothic Basque buildings with beautiful pink sandstone. Built in the 14C on the foundations of 12C by Sancho the Fort, it has inside, a large nave, pillars of pink sandstone and two stages of galleries or grandstands. Climb the steep street, rue de la Citadelle: Raise your eyes to the carved facades and lintels. Beyond the gate of France, a staircase leads to the round path amusing to go and indiscreet sometimes.


The Gate of Navarre leads to the Church square. On the left, a staircase leads to the round road that can be taken on almost the entire rampart of the right bank of the Nive river and from where you discover a magnificent view of the basin of the country of Cize. Near the bridge, the house that adjoins the bell tower has sheltered for centuries the Hôpital Sainte-Marie. The Church and the hospital were part of the same ensemble, according to a classical hospital architecture. These medieval hospitals were open to all,   Poor, passersby, and pilgrims.

Opposite stands the triangular gable wall of old Notre-Dame-du-Bout-du-Pont with its oculus. The tympan was hammered during the wars of Religion or during the French revolution. The upper part of the gate was awkwardly restored. Built in Gothic style radiating on Romanesque bases, the Church presents a nave with two aisles, two floors of grandstands, slender pillars, with no other décor than the search for the line and a polygonal chorus. It has a portal and bedsides ogival, a five-pans apse.


The Notre Dame of the Assomption of the Virgin Church, also has an organ dating from the mid-19C and whose factor was Vincent Cavaillon-Coll. It is composed of two keyboards and a pedal. It was the object of a restoration from 2002 to 2004 and on this occasion it was surmounted by the statue of Saint Francis Xavier, patron Saint of Navarre.

The city of St Jean Pied de Port on its heritage including the church

The French Basque country tourist office on St Jean Pied de Port

The Parish webpage of St Jean Pied de Port on the church :

This is a wonderful city Saint Jean Pied de Port, with plenty of culinary delights even the folks there come to my area on gastronomic festival and we load up on goodies. The Notre Dame of the Assomption of the Virgin Church is small but very nice encrusted into the ramparts on the main road that leads the pilgrims to Spain and the road to St James or Santiago de Compostela.

Hope you enjoy the tour, and remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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