A revisit, Cathedral of Bourges!

And onwards we go, another escape from home into the wonderful valley of the kings and the revisit to the city of Bourges and why not the exquisite Cathedral Saint Stephens (St Etienne). I need to tell you again, it is awesome , a must to see. Only come to Bourges for it if nothing else ok.

I came for the wines of Sancerre but having seen most and taste many, decided to go to Bourges! Just 43 km away. I have written two extensive posts on the Cathedral in previous years and will not bother telling you the history and architecture of it. I just give you a brief introduction and then new pictures!!!

The city is a Ville d’Art et d’Histoire in France (city of art and history of France). Of course , you must see the St Stephen Cathedral or Cathédrale Saint Etienne, recognize by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. The Cathédrale St Etienne was built from 1194 to 1506. One of the great Cathedrals of France.




You will be glad you came to Bourges to see it as we have each time in town and love it. This time a leisure ride amongst vineyards of Sancerre on the D955 was just lovely, we will be back!

The friends of the Cathedral webpage in French, with much info and way to help the maintenance of this magnificent Cathedral: http://amis-cathedrale-bourges.com/

The official webpage of the St Stephens Cathedral of Bourgeshttp://www.bourges-cathedrale.fr/en/

The city of Bourges on the Cathedral! http://www.ville-bourges.fr/_en/site/cathedral

There you go folks, short and sassy for the world to enjoy it. This is alone worth coming to Bourges as we have. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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