The Bersaglieri, a different museum in Rome!!

And so on this delightful adventure of updating older posts and bring back the memories I take you to Rome! As said, we had a great long family vacation here and me multiple business trips. One of the family moments we cherished was stopping at the army museum of Bersaglieri after passing by it several times from our rental home in Nomentana. Therefore, let me update this post for you and me! Hope you enjoy it as I


In my travels trying at best I can to find new things to see and do, we walk a lot. Of course, getting to a city , we love the car ,nothing beats the car for convenience anywhere. However, once in the city, we walk above ground! And doing this in Rome is heavens.  We came by here ,unexpectedly taking the bus 62 that took us from Nomentana to the Vatican City easy regular bus and lovely sights. We saw the building, and on the way back we stop nearby to walk to it and continue the walk home.


I like to tell you about the museo storico dei Bersaglieri or the historical museum of the military Bersaglieri. Located at the Porta Pia (see post), via XX Settembre. It is housed in the Porta Pia building desired by Pope Pius IV and designed by Michelangelo in 1561-64. The prospectus outside a cornice on Via Nomentana is an addition of 1864. In 1932 the premises were assigned to the museum, which was already established in 1887 at the Bersaglieri Inspectorate and housed until then in the premises of the old barracks of S. Francesco a Ripa.


In the new museum, inaugurated on September 18, 1932 together with the National Monument to the Bersagliere erected in the forecourt of Porta Pia, are preserved paintings, photographs, documents and memorabilia from the wars of independence in the countryside of Africa to the WWII era.  In the inner courtyard of the building, in addition to the shrine in honor of over one hundred thousand bersaglieri fallen between 1848 and 1945, were placed the monument to Henry Toti and the bronze busts of Alessandro La Marmora, founder of the order,  Godfrey Mameli and Luciano Manara. It is open Mondays to Fridays from  9h30-13h and 14h-15h30. Included in the Roma Pass or single entry , better contact to make sure is open as if events or military functions it can be closed.


A bit of history I like

The Bersaglieri Historical Museum was created to guard memorabilia, documentation and memories related to the campaigns of the Bersaglieri Corps. There is also the tomb of Enrico Toti, the cyclist who fell in WWI, decorated with gold medal for military valor. It has a library and a historical archive. Administratively, it is a military agency employed by the military command of the capital and under the Ministry of Defense.

The work of collecting memorabilia was initiated by the inspectors of Bersaglieri , until the inspectorate was suppressed in 1895. In any case, the activity of the two senior officers was continued from 1902 to 1907  creating a special institution for the custody of memorabilia, then evolved into the museum then located in the Barracks “the Marmora  “In Trastevere, inaugurated on 18 June 1904 by King Vittorio Emanuele III. Embellished with memories of the mutual Aid Society between Bersaglieri (now the Bersaglieri National Association), the museum gained legal status on December 27, 1921 and was transferred to Porta Pia in 1931, when the municipality of the capital made the premises available. The inauguration took place on September 18, 1932, coinciding with that of the monument to the Bersagliere in the square opposite.

A bit of a description of the Bersagliere army museum:

Entering from the north side you reach the ground floor with the room La Marmora, the Hall of Honor and the shrine: in the first are exhibited two models of carbines designed by the founder of Bersaglieri, Alessandro la Marmora, whose proposal to set up the body of the Bersaglieri, Subjected to King Charles Albert of Savoy, it is kept in the Hall of Honor, while the sword which it wielded in the Battle of the Bridge of Goito is placed at the center of the shrine, accompanied by the medals to the collective value assigned to the units of Bersaglieri exposed thanks to a Royal Decree dated 16 May 1909.  On the south side of the ground floor and on the first floor you can see weapons, uniforms, portraits and memories dating back to all the historical facts that the Bersaglieri took part in.


Ah and a bit on the Bersaglieri I found interesting while there. The Bersaglieri  are a corps of the Italian Army. Created in 1836 by General Alessandro La Marmora to serve in the Royal Sardinian Army , which will later become the Royal Army of Italy, this light infantry unit is characterized by its great mobility, by wearing a wide-brimmed hat, used Only in the parade uniform in the contemporary era, decorated with feathers of heather rooster also present on the modern combat helmets, and by his fanfare marching in the step pace playing the hymn of the Bersagliers Flik Flok.

A nice historical museum on the history of Italy seldom mentioned or visit, sadly. It is worth a detour and you will be glad you did.  The official government Ministry of Defense webpage on it is here in Italian:

The Rome tourist office on the museum in English :

There you go folks, another dandy in eternal Rome. Good that we finally stop by and got to know a bit more of history. Hope you enjoy the post as I. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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