The magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral of Chartres!!

Let me update this older post on one of the magnificent monuments of my belle France. Funny I look at my pictures and posts and got to notice I/we tend to post mostly from the areas we live in and once we moved we forget the old places. I think this is the case with Chartres in dept 28 of Eure et Loir in the Centre Val de Loire region. It is about 125 km from my current town; and 75 km from Versailles.

However, the main thing in Chartres is one of the grand cathedrals of France and one I had the priviledge of going to its basement to see wonders not shown to the general public on a tour from the Château de Versailles! Love it!Therefore, let me tell you my bit on the Notre Dame Cathedral of Chartres! 

I come to you again from my vault and early blogging back in 2011!  This time, let me tell you about Chartres. And for clarity this is the official site of the Notre Dame Cathedral,143.html


The Notre Dame Cathedral of Chartres is the best example of gothic art in France! Work on it began in 1120, but the biggest construction period took part from 1194 to 1260.  It is about 131 meters long by 46 meters wide with a general dimension of 5 200 square meters; at the transept it is 63 meters and the nave height is 37 meters and a width of 16 meters!  The main façade 30 meters long has 719 statues depicting the life of Jesus most of them of Roman style. The central window and highest has a rosary  of 11,5 meters a fine gallery of the 13C with niches of 15 grand statues of kings with a space with a statue of the Virgin and on top a colossal praying Christ .


The bells are impressive as well. the one on the right called the old bell is 106,5 meters high is modest with little décor but nice proportions and was finished in 1145; the other on the left called thje new bell 115 meters high was finished in periods of  1506-1507 and 1514, to replace the wooden bell that was burn by a lightning in 1506.


I found me an older pic from my vault and rather than a new post, will include on this older post (see newer post). This is the Virgin Notre Dame du PilierThis is a statue in walnut or pear tree formerly polychrome, placed on an octagonal base; statue wearing a head veil and dressed in a piece of fabric, placed on the front and tied with two laces around the Virgin’s neck, a small piece of fabric is also tied around the neck of the Child Jesus. Virgin and Child seated on a throne, the Virgin presents a pear in the right hand, the Child Jesus blesses with the right hand and holds the ball with the other hand.

Chartres cathedral notre dame ND de Pilier c2006

The stained glass of Chartres numbering 176, covers 1350 objects from the Old Testament and the New Testament ; from the life of Saints, martyrs, popes, bishops and priests to representation of orders with their emblems that help construct or embellish the Cathedral. As you enter the Cathedral on the left see the statue of the Black Virgin done from the 16C and greatly venerated today.

The Chartres tourist office on the cathedral

And if I have not convince you come here at least once in your lifetime, maybe the Chartres tourist office will:why see Chartres’cathedral

And the city of Chartres on the Cathedral and other things to see in French:

The Notre Dame Cathedral alone is worth the visit to Chartres, but there is more if you read my old posts. Enjoy the reading of a nice town and beautiful Cathedral of France and the world.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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