Memories of Fontainebleau!!!

As I have been saying, Fontainebleau has a nice special meaning to our family. We never lived there but it was the first castle visited in France ever by us. This as consequence that my dear late wife Martine was from the region and she took me there first proud of her Fontainebleau. We have come back several times, I am friend of the castle, and plenty of posts in my blog on it. However, let me tell you about a culinary event nice again in Fontainebleau.

And onwards with my tour of memorable restaurants and what is coming to France without going to them! Culinary and wine capital of the world!!! This one is short and sassy but lots of good souvenirs. Mind you is an update of an older post, re-living wonderful memories!  If you have read my blog , I will cut it short. Fontainebleau is in dept 77 Seine-et-Marne the region of ïle de France.

Obviously, this is very close to family and good for same day visits, so not too many eating adventures here, even we do have eaten here! The Le Délice Impérial is a classic there and a must to go eat.  Le Délice Impérial at 1 rue Grande, Fontainebleau. At the corner of rue Grande and rue de France, the superb stall of pastries can not escape the eyes. It must be said that three pastry chefs officiate every day in this house founded in 1889 for our greatest happiness. The house offers on-site catering, but also takeaway.


I have been there a couple of times , and the last one in town all day, we ate again at the Le Délice Imperial. They have a huge dessert center where 3 pastry chefs change each day the menu. At the side of the restaurant, they is a small fast food place for sandwiches etc, and you can take home too. We had several beers, coffees, two desserts for each, milk shake, tagliatelle bolognaise, burger dish, and 3 roasted pork dishes, all delicious. Worth the detour when taking time to see the Château de Fontainebleau walking distance to it.


The Fontainebleau tourist office on the resto:

The official page has it with Le Délice Impérial

As a souvenir, this was the first place we ate there while visiting way back that do not remember the date. Our favorite was the Le Caveau des Ducs at 24 rue de Ferrare, but unfortunately it has closed a few years back. I found an old picture so will post here just for the memories.

Fontainebleau le caveau des ducs closed dec07

Hope you enjoyed eating here as we did/do and have a great time in a wonderful city with a hugely important castle, Fontainebleau.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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