Saint Stephens Cathedral of Meaux !!!

Oh this is wonderful unique Gothic in France. I am thrill to tell you it is in my beloved city of Meaux and a place never missed when in town, and we have been there so many times as it is the native town of my dear late wife Martine. I have written a post before but this is new text and new pictures on the Cathédrale Saint Etienne de Meaux!!!

meaux cat st etienne front facade dec18

My other post was long on the history and construction so will be briefer this time with some additional tidbits. Hope you enjoy the post as I have, and thanks for the run updating older posts that I found things missing again from my blog.



The current Saint Etienne Cathedral of Meaux was built on the site of an old Romanesque cathedral. Today it is impossible to date precisely the beginnings of the reconstruction of the cathedral, following the destruction of the archives of the bishopric in 1793-94 (during the French revolution). However, we can estimate that it began around 1175.


In the first half of the 13C, the first choir, the transept and part of the nave were built. The choir was rebuilt in the radiant Gothic style, to be completed in 1275. At the beginning of the 16C, the facades of the transepts were erected. At this time, radiating chapels were also added. The nave was not really completed at the beginning of the 15C. The portals on the western facade are made between the second half of the 14C and the beginning of the 16C. In 1331, the wealthy merchant Jean Rose founded the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament on the south side of the nave, where his funeral slab still appears. Finally, attention was paid to completing the nave, following the royal authorization of 1335. But the work was interrupted by the Jacquerie (uprisings of peasants) in 1358. The work resumed towards the end of the 14C, but experienced a new interruption during the English occupation of 1422 to 1439. It was not until the second half of the 15C that it was completed, with the completion of the nave and the western facade. Side chapels were also added to the north of the nave with foundation in 1512. The work ended with the construction of the north tower of the facade, completed in the 1530s. The “black tower”,received in 1460 a provisional wooden covering, which will become final. The north tower was completed in 1540.

meaux cat st etienne pulpit et bousset tomb dec18

meaux cat st etienne statue Christ dec18

The Meaux tourist office on the Cathedral St Stephens

Again, hope you enjoy this brief additional text to my older post in my blog on the Cathedral, and the beautiful new pictures of a special period exhibition. The Cathédrale Saint Etienne is a marvel of France and a must visit.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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