Church of St Peter’s in Questembert!

And here I am updating again an older post and what a thrill this ride has been for me; and thanks for reading me over the years since 2010! I am going to my beautiful dept 56 of Morbihan in my lovely Bretagne to tell you about an off the beaten path town and the Church of St Peter’s in Questembert!

So coming by here or passing more often, I have already told you about the 16C covered market or halle (see post) in city center Questembert. As traveling road warrior fashion, I have seen the church but never care to go in as seen too many here…. However, this time with the boys, decided to take a peek as it is next to the Halle covered market! And, here is the brief introduction to Questembert and the Church St Pierre!

Questembert sits right on the regional road D775, between the towns of Vannes, 21 km,(the one we always take) and Redon. The nearest beach is about 14 km away at Ambon. The train station is at neighborhood of Bel-Air,and is the stop point for TER Bretagne trains, allowing you to reach the stations of Vannes or Redon to access connections with the TGV Atlantique.


Questembert comes from the Breton “kesten” or “kisten” (chestnuts) and from “Perz” or “Perh” (region). Questembert is a former primitive parish. A Frankish colony would have settled on its territory at the time of Childeric and would have given to this territory the names of Mons Columbarum and Alemania. The Norman Vickings were stopped in 890 at Questembert (at a place called Koët-Bihan or Coëtbihan) by King Alain Le Grand (the Great). A 5 meters tall granite stele was erected on Place Gombaud in 1907 on the occasion of the millennium of the death of King Alain the Great. It commemorates the victory of the Breton chief over the Normans.

The St Peter’s or St Pierre, the church , how about it!  The construction of the Church Saint Pierre, began in 1863 and will not be completed until 33 years later with the construction of the bell-tower. It was built on the ruins of the old Saint Martin du Vertou Church. With its 55 meters high and its beautiful architectural lines, the bell tower has an exceptionally imposing allure; it must have been visible from the surrounding parishes. Inside, the choir has remarkable woodwork, a monumental high altar and an organ gallery.



The Saint-Peter’s Church replaces a 16C church and which has undergone many transformations in the 17-18C. The foundation stone of the current church was blessed in 1863 . The bell tower of the current church, in Gothic style, measures 55 meters and dates from 1895. The woodwork of the choir, dates from 1867. The pulpit to preach, dates from 1875. The main altar, dates from 1888. The organ gallery dates from 1892.


The city of Questembert on the Church St Pierre

The city of Questembert on its heritage/history

And now I feel better to give credit to this wonderful town where we sejour several times and friends live there who we see often while in Vannes. Questembert is an in country small town that is worth a detour for the church, the halle, and its many chapels. Enjoy it as we do

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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