A little town with fallen angels at Hamm!!!

Here I am to update an older post on a tranquil peaceful land of my Europe. I am going to take you back to Luxembourg but this town to a sort of off the beaten path trail for visitors which should not be in Hamm. This is a small district of Luxembourg ville and for me the main thing here is the cemetery. Let me tell you a bit more on a little town with fallen angels at Hamm!!! See my other posts on Luxembourg and Hamm!

Let’s get you into something different and historical I like it. In my rounds around Europe I not always go to the top tourist attractions anyway that is the advantage of living here you have so much history,architecture and culture around you. In my forays into Luxembourg I could not stop from going to Hamm, a very small district of Luxembourg and a special place. This is now a district of Luxembourg city and the home of the American Cemetery of Hamm , resting place of General Patton.


Hamm as said was a town in the county of Luxembourg from 1873 to 1920 when it became part of the city of Luxembourg from Sandweiler together with Hollerich and Rollingergrund. The origins of Hamm goes back  to the monastery of Sainte Catherine founded in the 14C from which a village developed. As it was close to the Alzette river there were lots of windmills built. In 1874, Hamm was an independant town and because of economic hardship was forced to merged with Luxembourg city.

The district houses since 1944 the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial resting place of American soldiers that fought in WWII and the Battle of the Ardennes including General Patton.

There is a train station here Cents-Hamm on line 3 of the Luxembourg-Wasserbilig frontier lines just between the station of Luxembourg and Sandweiler-Contern.

To talk about General Patton is pure bravery , patriotism and hard guts that is always needed around to preserve Democracy. He was born at Lake Vineyard Ranch what is now San MarinoCalifornia. In 1904, he entered the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York following in the military fashion of the Patton family. After graduation, he was assigned to the Cavalry as an aid to General John “Black Jack” Pershing, who at that time was pursuing the Mexican bandit General Pancho Villa. During WW I he saw service in France as part of the United States Army Tank Corps.

During WWII, he was assignment to North Africa as head of the II Corp, where he received his third star from General Dwight D. Eisenhower. On to Sicily, the 7th Army enjoyed an unopposed landing and Patton assumed command of this unit. In January 1944, he was summoned to London and given command of the US Third Army which was still being activated. In July 1944, Gen George Patton arrived in France one month after the D-Day landing. Once the 3rd Army was fully operational, its exploits throughout Europe became legendary. For the anecdote , his 3rd Army liberated my capital City of Vannes, when his Gen Woods entered the town.

General Patton’s journey into history began in Mannheim, Germany on December 9, 1945, when the sedan in which he was riding ran headlong into an army truck. He was taken to the army hospital outside of Heidelberg, where he died from his injuries on December 21. He lay in state at the Villa Reiner, one of the stately homes in Heidelberg. Funeral services were conducted at Christ Church, afterward his body was placed aboard a special funeral train for the trip to Luxembourg for burial at the Military Cemetery in nearby Hamm, where as much as 5,000 American soldiers lie, many having served under General Patton in the 3rd Army. General Patton died on December 21, 1945 and he was buried on December 24th following a funeral service at the Luxembourg Cathedral. Representatives of nine countries and the highest ranking officers of the American troops stationed in Europe followed the coffin. Present were delegations from Luxembourg, France, Belgium, England, Italy, The Netherlands, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. France and Belgium provided the honor guard.


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here ,enjoy the trip into history:

The American Battle Monument Commission on Hammhttps://www.abmc.gov/Luxembourg

The Luxembourg tourist office on Hammhttps://www.visitluxembourg.com/en/place/misc/american-military-cemetery-luxembourg-hamm

The city of Luxembourg on the district of Hammhttps://www.vdl.lu/fr/la-ville/en-bref/les-24-quartiers-de-la-ville/hamm

If you go on the north of Luxembourg city into Ettelbruck , you can see his museum and also read my post on it in my blog.  Hope you enjoy the brief historical trip into one men who Europe has a lot to thanks about, I do. The trip is pleasant and tree line roads only about 12 minutes by car from Place d’Armes in Luxembourg city on the N2 road.

And, remember, happy travels,good health and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I had forgotten that Patton died in Germany. A most obnoxious man I imagine.

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  2. To be fair, there is also a German military cemetery two kilometres away in Sandweiler.

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