Limeray and Touraine-Amboise wines!!

This is a nice story of mine me think. It brings back many memorable moments in my family’s road warrior trips in our belle France. There is a story here, read on. I like to update this older post on one of our house wines from Limeray and the TouraineAmboise appellation!!

I am not going to repeat my resume/CV on wines as plenty written in my blog. I am just will do justice to a property that has been our house wine for years and continue to amaze us on taste, price and just plain good winemakers friends. I am going to take you into the royal lands of the Val de Loire and Limeray just over the Loire river from Amboise.

We came to the Maxim’s Saveurs du vin by the Seine river in Paris many years back, and were introduce to the best of France including this property .Over the years here we have come to know the family and their wines so they are our house wines par excellence.


We went eventually to Limeray to visit the cellars and taste their wines on site at Domaine Dutertre, long time customers of theirs and many prizes for its consistant Loire wines of the TouraineAmboise appellation. They are located at 20-21 Rue d’Enfer, 37520, Limeray easy on the A10 exit 18 direction Amboise on the D31 road bear left into the D201 to Limeray.  The Domaine Dutertre has been a family farm since the end of the 19C, 5 generations. Going back to the great-grandfather who started with 1 ha of vine at the beginning of the 20C. In 1996 , the son took over and the Domaine had 37 ha for about ten years. In 2015 the Domaine always has 37 ha. , and no longer growing, but it was renew or replace certain parcels. It is work by terroir or parcel to optimise the typicity of the cuvées.  On 37 hectares are vinified different cuvées in Touraine Amboise white, rosé and red as well as crémant de Loire white and rosé. The Domaine Dutertre maintains a tradition of quality by combining traditional and modern technical work.



Its cellars are dug in the tuffeau, stone that allowed the construction of the Touraine houses and castles of the Loire. A very white stone that gives a special characteristic to the region. In one of the cellars you will discover the Museum gathering the tools of the grandfather. This museum traces the evolution of the tools of vine and vinification.  To discover this formiable region, the Domaine Dutertre offer a Gîte (rental house) located in the heart of the village of Limeray on the border of Loir and Cher and Touraine. An ideal starting point to take full advantage of their rich heritage. We enjoy them so much highly recommended.





The Touraine-Amboise appellation has red cabernet franc and sauvignon, cot,and gamay, white from the chenin here call pineau de la loire , and rose done from the red wine grapes ,and cremant same as the white wines grapes varieties. It has 800 km of wine trails!

The official Domaine Dutertre webpage:

The wines of the Loire valley on the touraine ambosie appellation webpage in English:

The town of Limeray on its wines and  Domaine Dutertre

And just a bit of history I like on Limeray

Limeray  is in the Indre-et-Loire département 37 , in the Centre-Val de Loire region, at an equal distance from Blois and Tours, and 5 km upstream from Amboise. Located at the foot of the north slope of the Loire river , Limeray is in the center of the Loire Valley, it is one of the ten wine towns of the appellation controlled of origin (AOC=appellation d’origin controllée) “Touraine-Amboise”. It is crossed by the touristic route of the vineyards of Touraine-Val de Loire.

From the 12C until 1431, Limeray belonged to the Lords of the House of Amboise Louis d’Amboise had planned to remove Georges I de la Trémoille, favorite of King Charles VII and to lead the King in his lordship of Amboise. He was arrested and tried by the Parliament, then sitting in Poitiers, who sentenced him to capital punishment in 1431. king Charles VII Grace Louis d’Amboise commuting his death sentence to life imprisonment. All his possessions, including the lordship of Limeray, were confiscated by the Crown. From then on Limeray became a royal prevost , which the Kings put into engagement in 1431, before selling it in 1585.  It was part of the battle in WWII for the pushing back the nazis in the Loire and held on by French resistants before the bridge to Amboise felled.

It is still a country town, typical of my belle France and worth the detour especially if visiting the wonderful Amboise and its many sights written on previous posts. Hope you enjoy it and do try it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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