Lisle sur Tarn!! My Tarn!!!

Let me bring you back this older post of a wonderful memory to the nostalgic Tarn deparment 81 of my belle France. I like to showcase for you and me wonderful Lisle sur Tarn! Hope you enjoy it as I.

Let me take you on a nostalgic run ride thru the southwest or sud ouest of France. Like I have said,the region is full of amazing small towns all with a rich history on its own,and worth your layover I am sure.  I am going to talk a bit about Lisle-sur-Tarn, of course ,it is in the Tarn department no 81, region of  Occitanie. Halfway between Toulouse and closer to Gaillac, as it is ,also, in its wine region.  It is a bastide or fortified town of the 12C  ,around 1229, easily reachable by the road A68 or the D988 (old N88). Parking is easy at the rue Saint Louis next to the plaza and tourist office turn left into rue porte peyrole and right on Les Promenades, free parking!  The bus system is still the Tarn bus system, that serves the main towns in the area, and the train station is the TER Occitanie .

It is on the road to Santiago de Compostela or St James in Galicia,Spain. It is best known for its dyer’s woad or blue taint on textiles and the Gaillac wine appellation.  Today only the wineries remains, and they are very good, especially the one at Tecou, a coop now group under Vinovalie ;that serves folks from Gaillac, Montans, Lisle sur Tarn, Graulhet, etc. webpage:

Just to say again, my dear late wife Martine father’s side comes from this area and still cousins at Montans, Graulhet, and Gaillac. Her late father  Pierre was born in Lavaur.

The best way to see Lisle sur Tarn is on foot, see its quaint medieval cobblestone streets with four squares with fortified doors on each entrance, and a central plaza ,the biggest in the south west for a fortified town or bastide. The front facades of the houses in the plaza are in red brick or in columns pylons style. The main plaza or place aux couverts,( also known as place Paul Saissac), is completely covered so shaded with a nice fountain in the middle call the Griffoul typical of many in the area, this fountain was offered to the town by  Jeanne de Toulouse (daughter of count Raimond VII) and her husband Alphonse de Poitiers (brother of king Louis IX or Saint Louis). Going around in the same plaza is the Hôtel de Ville or mayors’ office from the 18C. Just by going thru the plaza and going out at the right hand side upon arrival by car as above parking, you go thru an arch door and into the Church Notre Dame de la Jonquière ,gothic art built between the 13C and the 14C .  Again by the beforemention parking Les Promenades you will see a pigeonniers or pigeon tower of the 13C  recently renovated. And the only harbor on the river Tarn of the bastides of the southwest! port de lisle sur tarn. For the nature lovers there is the lake or Le Lac Bellevue, located at the entrance of the town direction Gaillac with many outdoors activities including fishing!



lisle sur tarn

Other nice things to see and do here is the Musée Raymond Lafage, 10 rue Victor Maziés, it recount the engravings, and drawing of this local artist born here in 1656 and died in 1684 at Lyon , very well known  his work is found in many buildings and museums in France but also in Europe, United States even with individual collectionists. The other museum is the best reason other than wine to come here, Le Musée Art de Chocolat is right in the place aux couverts closest to rue Saint Louis upon entering into the town’s center.  The tour is given showing all the major production areas of  cacao, the making of it, the shipping, and of course very good portions of tastings of the end result chocolate from Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Dominican Republic, etc etc etc, just a mouthful, do come over, these are the creation of  maître chocolatier Michel Thomaso-Defos  that makes recreation of figures and places with chocolate done by painter and sculptor Casimir Ferrer ,and sculptors Marie-Madeleine Gautier and  Marta Solsona.


The wines that are my personal choice and family from this region are Chateau Clement Termes, Chateau Lastours, and Chateau de Saurs as well as the cooperative wines. Wonderful over the years ,you won’t go wrong find them in your area or better come on over !  We have refreshments at the main plaza in town, place aux couverts with O’Centre , 11 Place Paul Saissac;  internet and sports TV Screens available as well as Salsa dancing lessons in 1st floor!!

You can see a bit more of Lisle-sur-Tarn in the region of regional tourism office Vignobles et Bastides. webpage:

The Tarn department 81  tourist office on Lisle sur Tarn

The Occitanie region tourist board on Lisle sur Tarn things to see

Hope you enjoy the ride, it is wonderful in Lisle sur Tarn and the Sud Ouest (southwest) of my belle France. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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