Church of St Laurent,St Stephen, Remich, Luxembourg!

Well here I was on my road warrior mode driving thru Luxembourg from over in Germany and we of course, saw some interesting off the beaten path towns and monuments. One I like to update here for you and me was the  Church of St Laurent-St Stephen, in Remich! 

Over the years I have criss cross Luxembourg by car and even flown to Findel airport once. I have written , of course, several posts on it. However, I like to go deeper into some of the most picturesques towns of it.  One of these is Remich, wonderful town by the Moselle river and full of vineyards. A joy to see,and one of the nice monuments is the Church of St Laurent and St Stephen. 


Remich is a town and the capital of the canton of Luxembourg; called “The Pearl of the Moselle”.  It is located at the crossroads of three countries: Luxembourg, France and Germany. Its politico-geographical borders include: to the East: the Moselle river (a tributary of the Rhine) and Germany, a bridge spanning the Moselle and connecting the city to the town of Nennig; To the West: the village of Bous; In the north: the village  of Stadtbredimus; And in the south: the town of Schengen (see post).  In a radius of less than 40 km  there are important tourist sites, including Luxembourg city, Trier, Sarrebourg, Sierck-les-Bains, Mondorf-les-Bains and Metz. Remich is located on the European road Saarbrücken-Luxembourg.

Remich is the nerve center of Luxembourg viticulture with the headquarters of the Wine-Growing Institute and the National Wine Brands. Numerous wine cellars in Remich (including  one underground) and in the neighboring villages invite a guided tour and a tasting of the best crus of the terroir.

However, one monument that caught our eyes was the Church St Laurent and St Stephen.  The belfry of the decanal Church of St Laurent, dating back to the Norman era, this tower, originally built as a watchtower on foundations dating from the time of the Romans. In the 12C, recalls the remains of the fortification of the town of Remich.  Saint Stephen and St. Laurent are the patron Saints of the Church. 



In all is very nice quant little town and lovely to spent an afternoon at Remich , we love the ride and have pleasant memories of been here with my dear late wife Martine. Hope you enjoy the post, and thanks for stopping by as always.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The Remich tourist office on the church:

The Moselle region tourist board on Remich:

The Luxembourg tourist office on Remich:

There you go folks, a nice ride and another wonderful off the beaten path trip this one in lovely Luxembourg and nice Remich. Enjoy the introductory tour. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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