St Castor’s Basilica of Koblenz!!!

So here I am  in lovely Koblenz, Germany on my road warrior trips in Europe! Coming all the way by car from the Morbihan breton of my belle France! I love to update this older post for you and me of the St Castor Basilica of Koblenz! Hope you enjoy the tour as I!


So let me moved on in my travels east to the neighboring Germany and to a wonderful town call Koblenz. I have written on it before in my blog , however, I need to do justice to a wonderful basilica there.  Do not know why more is not written on it but this is an impressive Basilica on an equally impressive corner of two rivers, Rhine and Moselle. The Basilica is intact and a wonderful place to visit for its history and architecture alone. Again, more should be written about it and visits too, I am on the list to go back.  Let me tell you a bit more on the St Castor’s Basilica of Koblenz.


The Saint Castor Basilica is the oldest church in Koblenz. It is located behind the Deutsches Eck, the name of a headland in Koblenz, where the Moselle joins the Rhine rivers. On the forecourt of the Basilica is the Beaver Fountain of the Napoleonic era. The Church stems from the sanctuary where the conclusion of the Treaty of Verdun was celebrated, establishing the sharing of the Empire of Charlemagne. On July 30, 1991, Pope John Paul II raised the basilica to the rank of minor Basilica. This Church is a rather rare Romanesque church because it is completely preserved, and it should be visited, it is awesome!


Saint Castor of Karden 5C, evangelist of the Moselle Valley, patron of Koblenz, celebrated on 13 February. Born probably from Aquitaine (France), Castor became disciple of Maximinus of Trier who ordained him a priest. He was buried in Karden and built on his tomb one of the first churches of the countryside of the region. On November 12, 837, his relics were transferred to Koblenz, where he became the patron Saint.


The St Castor’s Church was built between 817 and 836 by Hetto, the Archbishop of Trier with the support of Emperor Louis the Pious, just outside the city of Koblenz and dedicated on 12 November 836. In the 12C the Church was significantly enlarged, with the addition of the 2 spires, a choir and a miniature gallery, flanked by 2 smaller spires, all in the Romanesque style.


The St Castor’s Basilica is a three-aisled vaulted basilica with two towers , transept , choir and apse , flanked by two smaller towers. The free-standing Church of pale tuff is surrounded by greenery. The steep gables with the pilasters articulated towers consist of diamond roofs. The choir, which was built around 1160, with a round, three-story apse flanked on both sides by a five-story tower. The third floor of the apse is a dwarf gallery with 21 arches. Some of the columns around the windows carry a lion as a symbol of Christ. The Church is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture on the Middle Rhine.



The official St Castor’s Basilica of Koblenz:

The Koblenz tourist office on the Basilica:

Another stunning sight to see in beautiful Koblenz.  The area is wonderful to walk and plenty to eat just along the two rivers point. As for the St Castor’s Basilica is one of the sights to see while visiting the city for sure.

And remember , happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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