St Michael’s Church, Luxembourg City!

And here I take you back to one of my fav countries in Europe and one we have been many times all over. We love it in Luxembourg and the picturesque little capital city of Luxembourg city. I like to update this older post for you and me and show you a bit more of the St Michael’s Church. Hope you enjoy as I.

And continuing with our wonderful quant Luxembourg and doing our usual walks in the city we come again to another often off the beaten path site in the city. We love to walk it. The St Michael’s Church is another perfect example of nice historical, architecture to boot and on a nice quant section of the city. It is a very nice Church again in a very nice area of Luxembourg city, and me think worth a detour.


A bit on the history I like

In 987, Archbishop Egbert of Trier consecrated the St-Sauveur Church in the Old town. It is probably not the first high sanctuary in this place. The title of St-Michel appears in the 13C, probably after a reconstruction which still bears witness to the walled side portal and some windows in full hanger. It is one of the oldest places of worship in the city.

Most of the current late Gothic-style building dates from 1519. The Dominicans who served the parish from the 17C added two bays to connect the church to their convent. Many times destroyed and rebuilt, modified and enlarged, the Saint-Michael Church knows its present appearance only since 1688.


The portal to the arms of the kings of France refers to the restoration work carried out following the French bombardment of 1683/84. Outside, take time to observe the stone statue of the Archangel Saint Michael but also above the portal, the arms of the flower of lys in memory of the king of France Louis XIV. The latter having actively contributed to the restoration of the Church. In the 19C, the refectory of the former convent was transformed into a lateral nave.


The interior is a museum of sacred art because of the richness and quality of its furniture gathered here after the revolution. From the original furnishings remains only the altarpiece of Our Lady of the Rosary c. 1717 with its deep niche in perspective and the Virgin of Pity offered in 1690. The painting depicting the Virgin of the Rosary dates from 1672. The master altar,comes from the Trinity. The painting of the assumption was painted an 1642. The 17C organ was at the Church of the Cordeliers (now gone) a remarkable monumental baroque wooden organ . The stained glass windows go back to the 1960’s.


Inside, the intimate atmosphere of the Church is conducive to meditation. Because of its many changes, it brings together elements of various architecture, ranging from Romanesque to Gothic, to Baroque. Located at Rue Sigefroi not far from the Casements du Bock.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The city of Luxembourg on the church:

The Luxembourg city tourist office on the church:

You will enjoy the walks in this area and a nice visit to the St Michael’s Church is in order. Again our cinderalla country and city of Europe , Luxembourg will always bring nice souvenirs to us. Hope you enjoy it as we do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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