The Aquarium of La Rochelle!!

Let me update this wonderful experience for all. We love the seas and aquariums are a bit of consolation to see these wonderful animals as our road warrior takes us we love to come to La Rochelle. PLenty written in my blog on the town and personal anecdotes , however, this time will tell you about the Aquarium of La Rochelle!

I usually just mention it on the run of a post on visiting a town, however, this is not just any aquarium. It is by the old port of La Rochelle, a town with many posts in my blog on visits by us. In our runs north south in France and into Spain we passed by La Rochelle until my son came to study here and told us about it. As so many things to see in our belle France , we went finally and love it; we came back to La Rochelle. One of the hightlights of the trip was going to this Aquarium by the harbor, very rustic and modern and from a real adventurer of the seas founder and now expert builder of aquariums all over the world. 


The aquarium La Rochelle is located in department Charente-Maritime no 17,region of Nouvelle Aquitaine, opposite the old Port. Opened in 1988 on a surface of 8 445 m2, it exhibits 12 000 animals of 600 species spread between 75 pool tanks.  The aquarium originates from the fish collection of René Coutant, a manufacturer of aquariums, which he publicly exposes for the first time in 1972, with the help of his children Pascal and Roselyne with only a surface of 250 square meters. This aquarium is destroyed in a fire, on July 31, 1985.

The aquarium,is rebuilt near the marina of the Minimes, has 1 600 M2 and has 36 aquariums with a total volume of 550 000 liters; then the aquarium moves near the vieux port or  old port in 2001. On a surface of 8 445 m2, it comprises more than 12 000 marine animals of 600 different species distributed in 3 million liters of sea water aquariums, of which 1.5 million of liters is for the shark Basin.


The tour is divided into sections such as

Salle Atlantique or Atlantic Hall. The first room presents the local species of the coasts of Charente-Maritime and the foreshore (cuttlefish, rays, soles, speckled seahorses, etc.).


Salle Mediterranée or Mediterranean Room. This room presents fish, invertebrates and corals of the Mediterranean Sea (saupes fish, cardinal fish, red coral, etc.).


Milieu Océanique or Ocean Environment ;an aquarium presents wildlife off the coast of Africa (Barracudas, jacks, guitar rays, etc).

Espace méduses or Jellyfish area. This space presents the jellyfish of tropical and temperate waters. Two aquariums also contain animal and plant plankton.

Salle Caraïbes or Caribbean Room. Five aquariums present species living in the Caribbean (diodes, angelfish, fish surgeons, etc.). A mangrove is also reconstituted on a terrarium.


Salle Indo-Pacifique or Indo-Pacific Room. This aquariums feature various species of fish, invertebrates and corals that are cohabiting in the Great barrier reefs, Hawaiian archipelagos and the Red Sea. Three aquariums immersed in darkness also allow to observe the life of the Night Reef: bioluminescence, fluorescence and absorption of light. Finally, a last aquarium shows cuttings of corals.

L’Aquarium des requins or the aquarium of sharks .Bleachers are installed allowing to observe different species of sharks (fish saws, grey sharks, bulls, etc.) evolving in an aquarium.


L’aquarium de l’amphithéâtre or the aquarium of the amphitheater presents benches of fish surgeons and jacks evolving among morays, a green turtle and a tortoise with scales. The amphitheatre behind the aquarium offers screenings of films.

La serre tropicale or the tropical greenhouse is the exit of the aquarium and takes place via a tropical greenhouse, consisting of three aquariums and a river with turtles.


In all is a great nice family outing after a day seeing the beauty of the sea and the historical buildings in La Rochelle, a must visit. You can type La Rochelle in my search right hand column of my blog and see all the posts on the town.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The official Aquarium of La Rochelle

La Rochelle tourist office on the aquarium

The city of La Rochelle on the aquarium

Enjoy this great family outing good for all ages in beautiful La Rochelle.  The Aquarium is another dandy to visit with the entire family.

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I love Aquarium! It’ s a good rewied, I will go 😊

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  2. I have been there – a very fine aquarium.

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